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Hail the King Chapter 336.2

Chapter 336: Two Letters (Part Two)

“Damn, you like to enjoy comfort and being lazy. So you are a real princess, huh?” Fei was a little mad, but he also found it a little funny. Therefore, he kept a straight face and scolded her.

“Ah, I…… I was here to put down some fruits……. Angela Her Highness…… She told me that before she left.” This girl quickly tried to explain herself as she covered the swelling area on her head; she didn’t dare to look at Fei.

“Ok, leave now.” Fei intentionally shouted with a straight face, and the girl quickly rushed towards the curtain-door. However, she accidentally stepped on her dress and exposed more of her legs as she fell down. After that, she screamed as she quickly got up and rushed out of the tent like a little rabbit.

Fei shook his head with a bitter smile on his face.

This girl was one of the girls that Lampard saved from Blood-Edge on the night of the operation. She didn’t speak the language of Zenit, but she was smart and soon got the hang of it; after all, the language systems on this continent were all similar.

After talking with her, she said that her name was Victories and she was a princess of a level 4 Empire. She gave her reasons for why she was captured and why she can’t go back home currently. Therefore, she asked Fei to temporarily protect her.

Fei vaguely felt like this girl’s identity was not common since her aura was different and she looked very beautiful. Her bone structure was different from the people of Zenit, and her silver hair was even rarer. In addition, she always stated information that everyone at Chambord didn’t know about.

As Fei allowed her to say in Chambord’s campsite, he ordered people to investigate the background of this Victoria.

However, all of her small problems were completely exposed as she got familiar with the people of Chambord. She was lazy and liked comfort. She was also hot-tempered and liked treasures. However, her worse problem was her gossips ability. Anything she heard would be turned into 10 versions and spread around Chambord and the camp area.

After Fei tolerated her a few times, he decided to punish her by making her into a maid just like Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. After getting scolded and punished, she got a lot better. However, her bad habits such as being lazy were still there.

What happened earlier was obvious. After seeing that no one was around, she lied on the fur of the level 6 Demon Beast – Cloud Leopard. She wanted this fur for a long time, and she decided to enjoy being a princess a for a little while. However, she was too into it and didn’t even notice Fei’s footsteps.

Fei shook his head again and thought, “This girl Victoria is really a special one.”

He could tell that this girl knew the limits and wasn’t a bad person despite having bad habits, and that was why Fei allowed this girl to continue to stay here.

After inspection, Fei knew that Victoria only enjoyed Cloud Leopard’s fur and a few grapes; she didn’t touch the confidential information of Chambord that were kept in the back.


Fei sat on his throne and rested his head on his palms. After thinking back to the assassination of Balesi, he knew that the Holy Church must have reacted. After all, the appearance of an Undead Mage was shocking.

Even if the Holy Church didn’t know that he was the assassin, he would be on the preliminary suspect list. At this point, his actions and movements must have been reported to the Church already.

As he was wondering, Torres suddenly reported that a soldier from Imperial Patrol was here. The soldier walked in and carefully handed over a letter to Fei. It had a red rose on it, and it was Paris’ signature.

After sending away the solider, Fei opened the letter and read it.

Paris wanted to tell Fei that some mysterious people appeared in the camp area around 10’o clock in the morning. After Imperial Patrol investigate them, they found out that they were all spying on Fei.

Paris wasn’t concerned in the beginning as there were too many forces monitoring Chambord. However, she discovered that these people were from the Holy Church by accident, and she quickly notified Fei secretly.

After Fei finished reading it, he rolled it into a ball; the fragrance on the letter was the same as Paris’ bodily fragrance.

What happened were all within Fei’s expectation, so he shook his hand and turned the letter into some fine dust.

At this time, something triggered Fei. He opened up a blue portal, and a person walked out of it. This person handed a letter to Fei and walked back.

Fei opened the letter and found that the content of this letter was similar to Paris’.

He was reassured.

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