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Hail the King Chapter 337.1

Chapter 337: Final Match (Part One)

From the two letters, Fei knew that it seemed like the Holy Church didn’t want to publicize the assassination from the Undead Mage. The fact that the Holy Church wanted little people to know that Balesi was assassinated calmed Fei a little. If this was the case, Fei would be the only person that knew about this assassination other than members of the Holy Church. Since all the techniques he used were from Diablo World, he wasn’t afraid of the investigation.

After thinking about that, Fei realized that it was still quite early. He decided to instruct Inzagi and others about the combat techniques.

After learning from that mysterious master, Fei’s understanding of cultivation in this world increased a lot; he was no longer the weak warrior who figured out things by studying his own Assassin Character. With more knowledge, he was able to explain things to his students better and make good analogies; he was overall an effective teacher at this point.

In front of the central tent, Inzagi and his peers Kawani, Michael, Gonzalez, and David were all practicing the basic assassination techniques under Fei’s instruction.

Inzagi was a mercenary before, and he had some battle experience. Being the oldest of the bunch, he was the most powerful assassin among them. It felt like Inzagi was born to be an assassin. This thin and dark young man had a great understanding of the skills that Fei taught, and his body was strengthened by [Hulk Potion]. Combined with the stealth ability he was born with, he could take on a Three-Star Warrior with ease.

Micheal was a cute boy with big eyes and thick eyebrows. He was only 12 years old, and he still looked a little shy with his short blonde hair. The weapon he picked out was a spear that wasn’t commonly used by assassins, but he looked comfortable using it and felt good with it in his hands.

David was also a pretty blonde boy, and the weapon he was using was a silver blade.

Kawani was a bit tall for his age. Although he was only 13 years old, he was already 1.7 meters tall. Same as Inzagi, he chose a very sharp knife. Fei actually really liked this little guy for some reason; even though he wasn’t handsome and didn’t have great talent, he was really hardworking and was silent most of the time.

Gonzalez was different like Micheal, but he was different in his own ways. Although he was an assassin, he liked wearing white robes. He used a thin sword, and he looked smooth with it. Although he wasn’t as handsome as David, he was equally smart and equally talented.

These kids were all from the ghetto of the Hot Spring Gate, and they suffered through a lot in their childhoods. Their parents all died during wars, and they had witnessed the most tragic events in their lives when people like Uncle York and little Tina were killed in front of them. Due to their tragic experiences, they treasured their current lives where they could live by Fei’s side and learn cultivation to change their lives. In their minds, Fei was like their bigger brother and a fatherly figure, and their emotions toward Fei were as strong as Pierce’s and Drogba’s.

Only the kids that experienced tragedies could treasure what they have right now.

These kids’ performances did meet Fei’s standards. The king didn’t really want these kids to kill people for him; he needed to find them something to do so their lives were more meaningful. Cultivation was a great path on this Azeroth Continent that was ruled by the laws of the jungle, and trying to avenge for their loved ones in Hot Spring Gate was also a spiritual goal.

The golden sunlight shined on the empty field in Chambord’s campsite, and Pierce and Drogba were training with some Saint Seiyas and Bylaw Enforcement Officers. Not too far away, Torres was practicing his archery skills as if he could never get tired, and Robbin was teaching a team of Saint Seiyas how to use their blades more effectively. Except for Peter-Cech who was still unconscious in his tent, everyone at Chambord had something to do.

As people from other kingdoms passed by Chambord’s campsite, they looked at all Chambordians in envy. They were especially jealous of the five kids who were being personally instructed by the king of Chambord. Fei was already a master in others’ eyes, and being taught by such a master was a dream for a lot of warriors.

When the sun was about to set, the Polo Kingdom sent an envoy to Chambord’s campsite; he brought a letter and a potion. After [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] woke up, he immediately sent someone here to help Cech wake up.

Majority of the people might not know how [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] survived under [One Sword]’s blade since [One Sword] was standing quite close to Fei when they talked, but [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] himself felt something. Especially after the old king of Polo told him about the conversation between [One Sword] and the king of Chambord, he immediately sent someone to Chambord.

Fei opened the letter and read it. Afterward, he realized that his hypothesis was correct. [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s technique didn’t have an effect on people’s souls, just like how his [Joy Sorrow Sword], [Separate Gather Sword], and the [No Name Sword] had an effect on people’s emotions. [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]’s techniques were really miraculous, but Fei finally knew how to wake up Cech now.

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