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Hail the King Chapter 338.1

Chapter 338: Semi-Finals (Part One)

Since there were only two matches today, they weren’t placed next to each other. Rather, one match was placed in the morning, and the other one was placed in the afternoon.

The match between [One Sword] and Luck Prince Shevchenko was in the morning. Although there wasn’t any suspension, it was a semi-final match after all. It attracted a lot of people; there were at least 60,000 to 70,000 people around the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage. As everyone was squeezed against each other, the bodily heat kept everyone warm.

Since Angela still hadn’t come back from St. Petersburg, Fei was a little worried. He sent Torres who was the calmest to St. Petersburg to see what was going on, and he wasn’t in the mood to watch the match between [One Sword] and Luck Prince Shevchenko. He decided to stay in the central tent and wait for new information.

Fei didn’t feel like Luck Prince Shevchenko could win, and Matt Razi who was known for his vision and identification abilities also didn’t comment much about Shevchenko. Fei thought about it for a while and realized that there was no way that the Luck Prince Shevchenko could win, and he lost all interest in going to the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage to watch the battle.

After a series of deep and loud bugle sounded, a blue light flashed in the direction of the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage, and the crowd started to cheer. It was obvious that the protective magic array was activated, and the match began.

Instead of wasting his time, Fei went to an empty area in Chambord’s campsite and started instructing Inzagi and the [Four Little Dragon] about the assassination skills.

Not too far away, Cech was doing some recovery exercises; he finally woke up after Fei treated him with the instruction sent by [Silver Armored Vicious Sword]. As he moved around to stretch his limbs, he taught Pierce and Drogba about the keys and tips on how to lead soldiers and control teams.

After Cech lost his consciousness, Fei realized that he really lacked talented people in terms of leading soldiers. He only had two; one of them was Cech and the other one was Brook. Robbin who just became apart of Chambord also had a good performance, and Fei counted him as a half talent.

Except for these three people, the rest were all interested in other areas. Lampard was powerful, but he didn’t like military and politics; he was only interested in cultivation. Pierce and Drogba were two strongmen who were good at fighting and had no intelligence; they were good warriors but terrible commanders. When Cech was in a deep sleep, it was pretty chaotic at the campsite; there was even a time when the schedule was all messed up and no one patrolled the campsite for six hours at night. Therefore, right after Cech woke up, Fei ordered Pierce and Drogba to learn the basic from Cech.

Although the two of them didn’t like this kind of stuff, they had to try their best to learn since the king already commanded.

“Eh? The match is still going after 10 minutes?”

Fei subconsciously looked at the direction of No.1 Sword-Testing Stage and realized that it was still packed. People were cheering and shouting, and it seemed like the scene where [One Sword] defeated Luck Prince Shevchenko in a few seconds didn’t occur.

“Damn! I didn’t expect this Luck Prince Shevchenko to last more than 10 minutes under [One Sword]’s attacks. It must be tough.” Fei thought. The luck of this prince would need to extraordinarily good to last this long.

After another 10 minutes.

“Eh? Is it still going? What happened?” Fei was shocked to find that the crowd around the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage didn’t downsize. Actually, it seemed like it was increasing in size as more and more people were rushing towards No.1 Sword-Testing Stage from all directions.

“Could it be that [One Sword] couldn’t defeat the Luck Prince Shevchenko?”

Fei was really shocked this time. He couldn’t believe that both he and Matt Razi who was the No.1 Traveling Poet of Zenit misjudged Prince Shevchenko.

After closing his eyes, Fei slowly released his Spiritual Power. He instantly sensed two strong vital energies fighting each other. One of them was like a huge sword that was soaring into the sky, and the other one was firm and dense like a huge mountain.

Fei was very familiar with the “sword”; that was [One Sword].

However, that firm and dense mountain-like energy was very new to Fei. It was fighting with the “sword” and wasn’t at a disadvantage.

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