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Hail the King Chapter 339.1

Chapter 339: New Set Items (Part One)

“Your Majesty, [One Sword] was defeated by Shevchenko. With more than 70,000 people watching, Shevchenko made [One Sword] use up all of his warrior energy. In the end, [One Sword] fainted due to depletion of warrior energy and stamina……”

Robbin told Fei about what happened. When he was telling the story, the expression on his face was really shocking as he also couldn’t believe it.

Fei took over the Divy Crystal he gave Robbin to record. After he injected a bit of energy into it, a five-colored light flashed by. After that, an image was projected onto the white cloth in the tent. Like a movie, the battle between [One Sword] and Shevchenko was replayed.

This was the first time that Fei saw Shevchenko when he was in battle. In fact, it was Fei’s first time looking at Shevchenko seriously.

One set of ordinary chain mail, one old and circular wooden shied, and one huge 2.5 meters long black sword that wasn’t sharpened……

Shevchenko was also wearing a Milano helmet that protected his cheeks and nose, and he had a pair of old leather boots that looked shiny due to all the wear.

The kinds of stuff he was using were identical to an ordinary soldier of Zenit…… well, except for that huge black unsharpened sword.

If Fei didn’t know that this was a kingdom ranking match, he would have assumed that [One Sword] encountered a normal soldier on the battlefield.

As he watched more of it, his face gradually turned more serious.

“Fire Strike!”

“Counter Dragon Strike!”

“Horizontal Chop!”

“Reverse Dragon Strike!”

“Shield Strike!”

“Rotate Drag Chop!!”

As the Demon Beast-like roar sounded, that “soldier” started to swing the huge black sword. The sword sometimes moved fast like a black tornado, and Shevchenko sometimes stood still like a mountain. With numerous afterimages in the air, it felt like a fantasy-like dream.

Shevchenko’s sword had a tragic aura to it. Every time he struck at [One Sword], it felt like he wasn’t planning to survive. That was determination! That was domination!

This prince’s techniques also lacked creativity. Every strike he used made Fei feel like that was a textbook example. Without hidden changes nor traps, Shevchenko wouldn’t use a new strike unless the previous strike was fully performed. In this battle, Shevchenko was really like a normal person who didn’t understand change.

However, what was surprising about him was that frenzy lights appearing in his eyes. As if his eyes were two burning fires, he forgot what was happening around him and only focused on using his sword. He didn’t hold back in any strike he performed.

Shevchenko was a mid-tier Six-Star Warrior.

However, every strike he performed was on the level of top-tier Six-Star.

All of the techniques he used were common techniques that were known by all. When new soldiers were recruited into the ten main battle legions of Zenit, they would be taught these techniques; there was nothing special about them.

However, these common techniques that even the kids of Zenit knew how to use became super powerful in Shevchenko’s hands. His movements were textbook-leveled, and no one had ever practiced these common techniques that earnestly.

It was actually hard to imagine that people in this world would focus on the common knowledge that much.

In fact, the same technique that was used twice by Shevchenko looked exactly the same. If Shevchenko wasn’t shouting loudly and had some emotion on his face, Fei would have thought that this prince was a robot in a human skin and was programmed to perform the predetermined techniques.

[One Sword]’s sword was powerful, and every single Sword Energy from him looked like it was going to last the eternity and was able to take away his opponent’s life. He was indeed the king of swords! However, although all of his Sword Energies were able to leave marks on Shevchenko, they weren’t able to kill him.

Like a soldier who had been to numerous battles, the effectiveness of the sword and the shield were completely demonstrated in the hands of Shevchenko. The normal-looking yellow wooden shield in his hand was able to block [One Sword]’s unparalleled Sword Energies just in time.

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    • Agreed. Fei is not the smartest when it comes to allowing angela to be manipulated by the elder princess. I mean, its onvious thats what she’s doing, and although he wants angela happy, he should prioritize her safety. Im just scared that she will get drunk again and then have ‘something bad’ happen to her by some prince who has a grudge with fei, or poisoned. He really needs to have a sit doen with angela.

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