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Hail the King Chapter 340.1

Chapter 340: Calm Swirl (Part One)

After completing all the quests in [Kurast Docks], Fei’s Barbarian Character was already level 78.

The only thing that disappointed Fei was that he didn’t get any special rewards. It seemed like he could only get special rewards after all other six of his characters passed through the map. After all, he only got his three miraculous skills after all seven of his characters completed [Rogue Encampment].

In order to become a Moon-Class Elite sooner, Fei didn’t go back to other characters. Instead, he entered the Fourth Map [The Pandemonium Fortress] as a Barbarian.

It was heard that Archangel Tyrael opened up a gate that allowed the heroes to travel to the final defense line that the heaven had against the hell – [The Pandemonium Fortress]

[The Pandemonium Fortress] was located in the mountains in front of the Gate of Hell, and the terrain was really rocky.

There was only one curly path down from [The Pandemonium Fortress], and it was less than one meter wide and contained thousands of stairsteps. It felt like it was hard to siege at that place.

On the other end of the path, there was a wide flatland called [Outer Steppes]. After that, one narrow path led to [Plains of Despair]. And finally, one narrow path led to [City of the Damned].

It was obvious that [The Pandemonium Fortress] separated then heaven from the hell because of its strategic location.

[The Pandemonium Fortress] was covered by clouds all day, and no sunshine could be ever seen. When Fei walked on the thousands of steps that lead to [The Pandemonium Fortress], he saw a lot of light pink fog. It was heard that these were the blood that was evaporated from the deceased people.

The three most famous small maps in [The Pandemonium Fortress] were [Outer Steppes, [Plains of Despair], and [City of the Damned].

There were a ton of powerful demons here.

There were thousands of Bright Knights who fought for the freedom of humans here, and there were numerous honorable Holy Knights who fought against evil here. Most of these knights all died in the long war, and their blood dyed the land into the color red.

It was sad to see that these knights who died for the honor were used by evil. Their corpses were stained by the power of hell, and they all became monsters and devils. With the blades in their hands, they all became a part of evil; it was sad to see since they were proud of their evil-killing blades before they died.

This was the set up for [The Pandemonium Fortress].

The first thing Fei did when he entered [The Pandemonium Fortress] was to talk to the NPCs. He wanted to see if they had intelligence, and the result didn’t surprise him – these guys were all like simple computer programs that ran rigidly. Except for preset dialogues, they couldn’t move and interact with Fei like the NPCs at [Rogue Encampment] in Barbarian Mode.

In the golden palace in [The Pandemonium Fortress], Fei found Archangel Tyrael who he had met before. This powerful angel was wearing a set of powerful golden armor, he had a big pair of wings, and he also had numerous white tentacles. Even though he was only a dull NPC, the powerful aura around him couldn’t be overlooked. In fact, this golden palace was filled with his distinct pressure.

Fei had to admit that Archangel Tyrael was the most powerful NPC he had ever met.

From this “tentacle angel”, Fei received his first quest in [The Pandemonium Fortress] – [The Fallen Angel]. He needed to kill a fallen angel named Izual and end his pain.

This quest wasn’t difficult.

Right before the final match of the competition took place, Fei finally killed Izual and completed the first quest of [The Pandemonium Fortress].

Now, Fei’s Barbarian Character was level 79.


As time passed by, everyone in the Capital and the camp area got more and more excited.

In the next three days, two insane battles would take place. One was between the king of Chambord and black horse Shevchenko, and the other one was between Martial Saint of Zenit, Krasic, and Martial Saint of Spartax, Lkunta.

The kingdom ranking match was the battle between the younger generation and represented the future of Zenit Empire, and the other battle was the battle between the older generation and represented the fate of the two empires. Didn’t matter if it was the level of strength or the meaningfulness, both battles were top-tier. That was why everyone was excited.

Since the battle between the king of Chambord and Shevchenko was taking place tomorrow, numerous eyes were monitoring both parties. In addition, all kinds of rumors were passed around.

Some people said that Shevchenko was severely injured by [One Sword] and still hadn’t recovered; they suspected that Shevchenko would surrender.

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