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Hail the King Chapter 340.2

Chapter 340: Calm Swirl (Part Two)

Some people said that in order to have a fair match, the king of Chambord gifted a powerful potion to Shevchenko to help him heal.

Some people said that the rumored potion was actually a poison and Shevchenko was dying……

All these rumors only changed the reward-ratios at all the gambling houses in St. Petersburg. People who sought after profits were everywhere, and it was heard that all kinds of reward-ratios were created for the final match of the competition and the battle between the Martial Saints.

It was also heard that even some nobles and big forces participated in these gambles, and some even said that these gambling houses were set up for these nobles. In fact, it was known that the Elder Princess bet a lot of money on both the king of Chambord and the Martial Saint of Zenit. The Second Prince Dominguez only bet one gold coin on Fei, but he didn’t bet anything on the Martial Saint Battle.

What was the most surprising was that both the Fourth Prince Chrystal and the princess of Beag Family Beyonce bet a lot of money on Shevchenko instead.

Since most people believed that the king of Chambord would win the kingdom ranking match, people who bet on him winning would only be rewarded minimally; the king of Chambord’s strength spoke for itself.

The Martial Saint Battle was even more one-sided; even the most risk-taking and greedy gamblers bet on Martial Saint Krasic. Although people couldn’t tell which Martial Saint was more powerful, the citizens of Zenit chose to believe that the Martial Saint of Zenit would win.

When their home empire was at risk of collapsing, the citizens showed the rare courage and unity.


It was the evening.

Inside Chambord’s campsite.

Fei was still instructing Inzagi and the [Four Little Dragons].

This was Fei’s life for the last two days. During the day, he would instruct his disciples and practice with his subordinates. Also, he didn’t forget to help Robbin’s father, old Aryang, to heal up. After a few days of healing and a minimal amount of [Hulk Potion], old Aryang’s leg muscles grew stronger. Now, he was able to slowly walk around with a cane.

In the past two days, Fei also didn’t walk out of Chambord’s campsite. Except for resting at night, he was always within other people’s sights. To outsiders, they felt like the king of Chambord was really confident in himself and didn’t need to worry about the final match.

However, Fei would always get two letters with almost identical information on them.

One was from Paris, and her letter would talk about the activities of the spies from the Holy Church.

Fei had to admit that the Holy Church was a powerful machine. Once it was activated, its efficiency was insane. In these two days, anyone who talked to Fei before was secretly investigated. Even the [Golden Sun Knight] Chris-Sutton who had battled with Fei was summoned by the Bishop of Zenit Regional Church.

If Chris-Sutton didn’t love Paris, he wouldn’t have told her everything about his meeting with the Bishop. But since he did, Paris got to know that the Bishop wanted to know all the details of Chris Sutton’s battle with Fei.

“Alexander, you have to be careful. The Holy Church seemed to have targeted you for some reason. I hope you won’t get involved in the hidden battle between the empire and the Holy Church. Even if a Moon-Class Elite got involved, he or she would be crushed into pieces if they did the wrong thing. Remember!”

Paris reminded him in the latest letter.

From the letter, Fei sensed that the relationship between the empire and the Holy Church wasn’t good. In fact, it seemed like there was some friction. That was why Paris thought Fei was spied by the Holy Church because of his involvement in the hidden battle.

“No wonder the Holy Church’s force is acting very low-key these days. As if they disappeared, the Bishop Sergiyeli didn’t even participate in the opening ceremony of the competition. So there is a crack in their relationship, huh?” Fei thought.

It seemed like the situation Zenit was in was even more dangerous than he thought.

Under the calm surface, undercurrents were surging.

The other letter was from that tall figure who would always appear out of the teleport portal. This master warrior was the person who Fei sent to protect old Zolasc and little Modric at the [Letter Office], which was the hidden intelligence agency of Chambord.

This master warrior was actually an NPC at [Rogue Encampment], and that was why he was able to use the teleport portal to travel back and forth.

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    • he can summon bosses so he is able to summon an NPC too, it just uses up a lot of experience, and it was only the mercenaries from the camp that got merged into Elena not the camps

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