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Hail the King Chapter 341.1

Chapter 341: Shevchenko’s Secret (Part One)

In the letter that Fei received from the [Letter Office], it mentioned that the Holy Church was doing an investigation on him, and it wasn’t as detailed as Paris’ letter. After all, the [Letter Office] was only established not too long ago, and it couldn’t compete with the intelligence network that Paris had. However, except for the moves of the Holy Church, the letter also mentioned the news about other forces at Zenit. It seemed like these two Chambordians had a grasp of both forces on the surface and in the dark in the Capital.

Fei had to admit that both old Zolasc and little Modric were talented information gatherer. Like a seed that just started growing, the [Letter Office] had unlimited potential. Fei was confident in these two people, and he wasn’t keen on doing the harvest soon. One day, the [Letter Office] would become an intelligence agency that was on the level of [Heavenly Search] and [Earthly Inquiry]; both these organizations were top-tier intelligence agencies who had networks across the continent.

Fei’s calm and relaxed appearance was his smoke-screen for the secret spies of the Holy Church who were monitoring him in the dark.

After all, Fei was only a potential suspect in the Undead Mage case. Once the Holy Church couldn’t gather proper evidence for a while, they would pull back the spying.


The second day.

No.1 Sword-Testing Stage.

The final match was about to begin.

Tens of thousands of people circled the stage. Except for the resting areas of the two kingdoms and the VIP area, everywhere else was packed with people. The crowd was so tight that it was hard to stuff a needle through.

In case that their sights were blocked by taller people, some people brought their own chairs to stand on. However, the greedier ones who brought their own ladders got beaten by others who got blocked by them.

In the four-hour time window from the dawn to now, there were numerous cases there fights broke out for better viewing spots. In the extreme cases, even some poor soldiers of the Imperial Patrol got hit and got injured.

All of this showed how popular the final match was.

Instead of the usual 10 royal mages, there were 20 royal mages around the stage today. Except for one mage who was older and had white hairs and white beards, all other 19 royal mages were younger. With red mage robes that were partially gold-gilded on, they stood 20 meters apart and looked very curious. They also couldn’t wait for the match to begin.

Influential people and heads of big forces like Dominguez, Tanasha, Paris, and Chrystal all appeared in the VIP area.

Despite the fact that Tanasha and Paris were trying to kill each other on the Peak of East Mountain in Chambord, they looked very intimate in public. They sat very close to each other and smiled at each other. The two beautiful women instantly attracted a lot of men’s attention, but only a few could see the “sparks” between them.

At Chambord’s resting area, warriors like Lampard all appeared. More than a dozen of them circled around the beautiful future queen Angela to protect her, and this also attracted a lot of attention.

Fei and Shevchenko stood across from each other on the stage.

Although the judge announced the beginning of the match, no one moved. Compared with the loud cheering and excitement in the audience, the atmosphere on the stage was relatively calm.

“I have to first thank you for your potion. Otherwise, I might not even be able to stand up, let alone coming here to compete.” With his huge black sword stabbed into the slit between rock tiles, Shevchenko said with the wooden shield on his back; his strong body and firm smile gave Fei a good impression of him.

“I just want to know how strong the person who defeated [One Sword] is.” Fei smiled.

Fei knew that the potion he sent to Shevchenko was effective, but most of the healing was done by the doctors and mages who were by Shevchenko’s side.

The only question Fei had was that Shevchenko didn’t look as frenzied as he did in the Divy Crystal. Both his aura and looks felt very different from the person Robbin recorded.

“Why is there such a difference? Could it be that he still hasn’t fully recovered?”

As Fei was wondering, Shevchenko bowed at him politely. This prince then took off the yellow wooden shield and grabbed to the huge black sword with an under-grip.

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