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Hail the King Chapter 342.1

Chapter 342: Admired by All (Part One)

“I lost.” Shevchenko obviously knew about his second personality. After he looked at the black sword that was 20 meters away, he admitted his defeat, “Your Majesty is the No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdoms!”

After Shevchenko walked to his sword, he tapped it with his left foot and then kicked it so it went back to the scabbard on his back. Before the judge who hid far away could announce the result, the entire audience and the entire camp area started to cheer. For a moment, it felt like there was a sound-wave tsunami; everyone was cheering as they witnessed how the new king of warriors was created.

In the resting area of Chambord, all the warriors such as Pierce, Drogba, and Robbin jumped into the air and shouted all kinds of things.

Angela was also very excited; her face was all red, and there were tears in her crystal-like eyes.

There was a lot going on in this beautiful girl’s mind. Half a year ago, she was still trying to protect Alexander from the bullying, and she was worried about the unpredictable yet tragic-looking future. Now, that timid and dumb Alexander was standing on the stage as the champion of the kingdom ranking matches as he received the cheers from everyone. This drastic change in fate made this pure and bright girl wanting to cry.

Lampard who was standing beside Angela also had a smile on his usually solemn face.

Looking at the bright sun that was still climbing in the sky, he tried to suppress the excitement in his heart. His old friend, the old Alexander, appeared in his head, and his wish that was sealed in his mind forever also seemed attainable at this moment. Like a seed that was depleted of water received a rainfall, it started growing slowly.

People in the VIP area also stood up. Tanasha and Paris stood side by side and started clapping subconsciously. Second Prince Dominguez who still had that little dog named Oka in his arms smiled brightly. Other master warriors like Princess Cindy from the Bulan Kingdom and [Wind Fire Dual Warriors] from the Gudong Kingdom also clapped and cheered; although some of them didn’t like the king of Chambord, they had to respect this young king who was going to be the commander of the new battle legion.

However, the Fourth Prince Chrystal looked gloomy, and Beyonce from the Beag Family beside him had different emotions in her eyes; no one knew what she was thinking about.

The “water-curtain” fell down after running-water sounds resonated in the area, and Fei’s figure could be seen more clearly.

A luxurious caravan separated the crowd as the soldiers of Zenit guarded it. The leading golden magic carriage that had a Dragon Beast Throne on it didn’t have a roof; it was for Fei, and it allowed the people on the sides of the street to be able to see and admire the No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdoms.

People like the Elder Princess Tanasha and the Second Prince Dominguez all went onto the stage as they were about to give rewards to all the master warriors that got placed in the competition.

Fei, on the other hand, sat on the Dragon Beast Throne. The caravan circled around the camp area first before going on a parade in the Capital.

Although this was only a parade, it was a great honor as almost everyone at St. Petersburg would know who the champion of the competition was.

With the protection from the Imperial Patrol and the imperial soldiers, Fei’s carriage slowly moved forward. Behind him, there were tens of thousands of citizens of Chambord following him.

The carriage entered the Capital through the south gate, and people filled the sides of the street. Many young women threw flower petals into the air and added fragrance to the cold winter breeze, and young men threw olive branches on the road in front of the caravans. Except for the sides of the street, even buildings beside the street were filled with people and children who wanted to see the No.1 Master Warrior all climbed onto trees and statues.

Loud shouts and cheers sounded by Fei’s ear, and he felt a little dizzy as numerous sound waves rushed into his ear; his powerful strength couldn’t help him in this case.

The caravan arrived at the square in front of the Royal Palace, and Fei received the Golden Armor that was gifted by Emperor Yassin who was still ill. Under the bronze statue of the God of War that was more than 100 meters tall, Fei took the fancy and magical Golden Armor from the beautiful royal maids and put it on. After he bowed and thanked Emperor Yassin for the gift, he went back to the carriage and went on the return trip.

Although previous champions of this competition also got the parade, they never got the Golden Armor as a reward; this was something that Emperor Yassin added to the list of rewards a month ago. Emperor Yassin was planning to gift this armor to the champion of the competition himself, but it was heard that his illness worsened ten days ago and he couldn’t move freely anymore. That was why the royal maids gave the armor to Fei instead.

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