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Hail the King Chapter 342.2

Chapter 342: Admired by All (Part Two)

With the Golden Armor that was made by royal alchemists and royal mages on his body and the red-flame like cape on his back, Fei felt like he was the center of the world as he sat on the Dragon Beast Throne and listened to the cheers of tens of thousands of people when his carriage passed through numerous flower petals and olive branches.

Fei felt like he was the biggest winner in life.

However, he didn’t get lost in this great honor. As his carriage passed through various buildings, he sensed numerous powerful auras.

Each powerful master had their own colorful flame-like auras; these auras were in different sizes, and only other powerful warriors or mages could sense them using their sharp seventh-sense; normal people couldn’t sense those auras at all.

Fei who was in Barbarian Mode was very sensitive to these auras. He realized that there were six auras that represented the warriors with strength between Six-Star and Seven-Star in the 11 huge and tall black towers in the west direction. A few of the auras were familiar; they were the auras of the Executive Knights. It was obvious that those black towers were in the Imperial Knight Palace.

Except for the Imperial Knight Palace, there were also hundreds of magic towers of different shapes and sizes that contained mages who were between Five-Star and Six-Star. In addition, places like Soros’ Merchant Group and family headquarters of Noble Families all had powerful masters in them.

Of course, there were also places where all senses were blocked by mysterious arrays.

The first place that was blocked off was the Royal Palace. Fei’s spiritual power couldn’t enter the Royal Palace at all, and it felt like there was a thin layer of an invisible sphere that Fei’s spiritual power would bounce off from. Except for the Royal Palace, the four tallest magic towers and the tallest black tower in the Imperial Knight Palace were all blocked off as well.

After Fei’s carriage entered the residential area, Fei’s expression changed.

“Huh? There are isolation arrays here as well?” He realized that there was a powerful isolation array in a small ordinary property that blocked his spiritual power as well.

This area wasn’t restricted. Even if there were soldiers patrolling the streets, Fei’s spiritual power should be still able to sense what was happening.

Fei looked in the direction of that building, and he saw a few arrogant-looking young men walking out of it. These men were a lot thinner compared to the citizens of Zenit, and they were wearing fancy dark blue robes. In addition, their hairs were all tied behind their heads with bronze triangular hair rings.

Fei knew that these people weren’t from Zenit just by looking at how they dressed.

Fei thought back to the Martial Saint Battle and knew what was going on.

These people must be the warriors of Spartax who came here to protect the Martial Saint of Spartax, Lkunta.

This property was where Lkunta lived, and he was probably a Moon-Class Elite. His strength was far superior to Fei, and there were probably only a few masters in Zenit who could rival him. With such huge difference in strength, it was normal that Fei couldn’t detect anything inside the building.

Fei didn’t really hate these people from the Spartax Empire like a normal citizen of Zenit. As a “space-traveler”, although he got used to the identity as the king of Chambord and accepted the people of Chambord as his loyal subjects, he didn’t drown himself in the history of Zenit. Therefore, he only looked at enemies of Zenit with curiosity.

However, the young men who walked out of the building looked at Fei’s direction with hostility.

The leading young man suddenly thought of something funny and said something to his peers, and they all laughed as they pointed at Fei’s direction. Then, that leading young man suddenly raised his hand.


An air-piercing whiz sounded, but it quickly got enveloped in the cheering of tens of thousands of people.

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