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Hail the King Chapter 343.1

Chapter 343: Biggest Winner (Part One)


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Fei sensed something as a smile appeared on his face; he suddenly flicked his index finger.


After a light sound, a tiny cloud of dust appeared in the air.

This small noise was nothing compared to the cheers from the surroundings, and no one in the crowd saw what happened.

However, the warriors of Spartax who were standing in front of their building were shocked. The leading young man was in so much pain that sweats appeared on his forehead. There was now a hole in his shoulder that was about the width of a thumb, and blood was flowing out of it like a fountain. Behind him, there was also a hole in the stone wall that was the same size as the hole in that young man’s shoulder.

“Eh…… Brother. How are you feeling?” All the warriors around the leading young man asked quickly.

Out of everyone there, only they knew what happened.

This warrior named Barton wanted to tease this so-called No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdoms, and he wanted the citizens of Zenit to know that the man they were cheering for was a weak-a-s.

Therefore, Barton quickly shot out a little piece of rock at Fei, and that was his way of throwing dirt on Zenit.

However, they didn’t know that this No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdoms was far beyond their level. Fei didn’t just notice this sneak attack; he also used an unimaginable technique to send the rock back.

The rock that was sent back was even more powerful the magic arrows that were shot out of Siege Crossbows. Barton who was the strongest among these warriors got his shoulder pierced by this rock, and the residual force in the rock also pierced through the wall behind him.

Terrifying strength!

Barton was a top-tier Six-Star Warrior, but he couldn’t do anything against this rock. It was fortunate that Fei didn’t want to kill anyone. Otherwise, these warriors of Spartax would have all become cold corpses by now.

“Quick! Quick! Let’s head back!” The warriors of Spartax quickly helped their Brother Barton to get back into the building.

They weren’t afraid of death. They were the most talented young men in the Spartax Empire, and they were all disciples of Martial Saint Lkunta. They believed in the real power and were willing to die for their empire on the battlefield. But in front of such a powerful warrior, they would be killed like ants; there wasn’t anything in return if they challenged that man.

“This man is too terrifying!”

Barton looked at the magic carriage before he walked into the building, and he saw that man in the Golden Armor smiling at him in a joking manner. At that moment, he no longer sensed the pain; instead, he was so terrified that his clothes were wet by his cold sweats.


To Fei, what happened was like child’s play.

A sneak attack from a Six-Star Warrior was nothing to him, and he returned the attack without even using his Nine-Star strength.

If he wasn’t afraid of offending Martial Saint Lkunta and making a bigger mess for Zenit who was already experiencing massive undercurrents despite the calm surface, he would have instantly killed those warriors of Spartax who were ill-intended.

However, it was heard that the Martial Saint of Spartax was over-protective, and Fei didn’t want to get involved in the battle between the two Martial Saints. After all, Fei knew his place and understood that he wasn’t on the level where he could take on a Martial Saint with ease.

After about half an hour, the magic carriage returned to the No.1 Sword-Testing Stage.

There were more people in the crowd now compared to the beginning of the day; they were all here waiting for the reward ceremony.

The ceremony finally began.

It was long and complicated. Although the priests from the Holy Church didn’t show up and participate, all the processes and procedures where everyone first worshipped the gods happened under the watch of the Second Prince Dominguez and the royal mages. All kings of the 244 affiliated kingdoms were invited to participate.

That process took an hour.

Afterward, it was finally the event that everyone was waiting for – reward distribution! Due to the outbreak of the war, the rewards this year were better than previous years.

This process was also long.

Chambord was the biggest black horse and the real winner without question.

The king of Chambord dominated over all other masters and became the champion of the individual competition, and Chambord soldiers also easily won against the soldiers of other affiliated kingdoms in the team competition. According to the reward schedule that was set up beforehand, Chambord was now a level 1 affiliated kingdom! A big jump from level 6! The king of Chambord also became a level 2 noble of Zenit! A big jump for an unranked little noble!

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