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Hail the King Chapter 343.2

Chapter 343: Biggest Winner (Part Two)

After Chambord became a level 1 affiliated kingdom, its territories and population size skyrocketed as well.

The six affiliated kingdoms around Chambord such as the Blackstone Kingdom and the Chishui Kingdom got their noble statuses stripped away due to their poor performances, and their territories and citizens all became Chambord’s. On top of that, Zenit also rewarded Chambord with a lot of training scrolls, magic scrolls, treasures, and weapons.

You could say that the Blackstone Kingdom and the Chishui Kingdom got what they deserved. If they didn’t try to cut Chambord off and their powerful warriors didn’t get killed instead, their performances in the competition won’t be that bad.

Other than that, one level 1 affiliated kingdom got demoted to a level 2 affiliated kingdom, four level 2 affiliated kingdoms got demoted to level 3 affiliated kingdoms, seven level 3 affiliated kingdoms got demoted to level 4 affiliated kingdoms, 11 level 4 affiliated kingdoms got demoted to level 5 affiliated kingdoms, and 25 level 6 affiliated kingdoms got their titles stripped away from them and became regular family forces.

Of course, there were promotions as well.

The empty spots for higher-level kingdoms were filled with kingdoms that performed unexpectedly well in the competition. Chambord was the key example, and other kingdoms such as the Bulan Kingdom, the Gudong Kingdom, and the Polo Kingdom were all promoted.

The empty spots for level 6 affiliated kingdoms were filled with small noble families and warrior families who had a lot of military merits. They became the new kings of these level 6 affiliated kingdoms, and they would become significant influencers after they accumulated enough territories and power.

These big adjustments weren’t the final event.

Next, all the elite warriors and soldiers of the affiliated kingdoms would need to participate in the war against the Spartax Kingdom; the war was where the real showdown was at. According to the order of Emperor Yassin, the affiliated kingdoms that accumulated enough military merits could get promoted again.

After the kingdoms were rewarded, it was time to reward the masters in the individual competition.

Masters who were placed in between No. 20 to No. 50 all became level 6 nobles of Zenit, and they got the roles of Team Commanders. They could serve in any one of the ten battle legions, or they could decide to work for the new legion that was going to comprised of soldiers and warriors from only the affiliated kingdoms.

Masters who were placed in between No. 19 to No. 11 all became level 5 nobles of Zenit, and they got the roles of Battalion Commanders.

Masters who were placed in between No. 10 to No. 4 all became level 4 nobles of Zenit, and they got the roles of Brigade Commanders.

Since [One Sword] wasn’t interested in the match that would determine the third and fourth seat, he didn’t even show up to the battle against Elena. Therefore, Elena and Luck Prince Shevchenko both were the Deputy Legion Commanders and became level 3 nobles of Zenit.

Fei, as the No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdoms, was the Legion Commander and a level 2 noble.

The structure of the military at Zenit was relatively simple. Each legion had five brigades, each brigade had four battalions, each battalion had five teams, and each team had 100 soldiers.

After heated discussions among the officials at the Military Headquarter of Zenit, it was determined that the new legion would be named [Wolf Teeth Legion], Fei would be the Legion Commander, and all of the supplies would be given by the Military Headquarter of Zenit.

As the commander, Fei could choose elites forces of any affiliated kingdom to complete the construction of [Wolf Teeth Legion], and Fei could pick any of the top 50 masters in the competition to fill the smaller positions in the legion.

It could be said that Fei was solely in charge of completing the construction.

After Dominguez announced all the rewards, almost everyone couldn’t believe their ears, including Fei.

Although Zenit did say that a new legion would be constructed, no one expected such a top-tier treatment. It felt like this new legion was constructed for the king of Chambord! After [Wolf Teeth Legion] was constructed, the king of Chambord would have 100% control!

“What are the officials thinking?”

No one understood what was going on. Everyone looked at Fei, but they felt a little numb. The rising speed of this new star was way too fast! After gaining control of the new legion, the king of Chambord would be one of the most powerful men in Zenit! With a legion filled with the most powerful masters among all affiliated kingdom, even the old and stacked forces of Zenit couldn’t rival against the king of Chambord!

“Isn’t the empire worried about how no one could stop the king of Chambord in the future?”

“Or perhaps that Emperor Yassin who is really ill didn’t realize that his order might create a huge tumor for Zenit in the future?”

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  1. SaDDisT

    The author should have at least pit the word, MAD in his legion.

  2. Mandorain

    So Chambord did enough last time to not get erased I wonder how much land they used to have.

  3. OG

    Or yassin knows as he wants to give fei the kingdom anyway… To someone clearly powerful AND not all tied up in the drama (too much) with zenit politics.

    • WirlWind

      I’ve been thinking for a while – what if Alexander was originally a b-----d line of the Emperor or something and only the Emperor knows about it?

      Would make the fight for the throne far more interesting XD

  4. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  5. I still believe the emperor isnt ill and is just acting like that to lure the enemy in

  6. thebreakernw

    Yea Change the legion to Wolf Fang and change Feis fighting style to Wolf Fang Fist. Lmao DBZ Reference for the 3 or 4 people out there that didn’t get it

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