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Hail the King Chapter 344.1

Chapter 344: Elder’s Gamble (Part One)

(This chapter is a 2-in-1, so there are four parts to it. Don’t miss Part Three and Part Four~)

However, what Dominguez announced next made everything feel more real.

“Right after the war is over, [Wolf Teeth Legion] would be dismissed. All of the elite forces would return to their home kingdom and don’t need to maintain the subordinate relationship with the king of Chambord. Also, the king of Chambord would only take on the position as the Legion Commander and can’t gain real military power.”

“In 15 days, [Wolf Teeth Legion] would move towards the southern battlefront.” Dominguez stood on the stage and finished announcing the order from Emperor Yassin.

The next three to four hours were long and boring.

The rewarded masters and representatives of the rewarded kingdoms went up to receive the treasures, magic gems, weapons, etc. Of course, the losers also had to hand over some stuff.

Fei liked treasures, but he hated waiting in line to receive them; he felt like he was back in his previous life and was waiting for an ATM at a bank. However, he was the king, and there were people who would take care of that for him. After the ceremony was over, the king returned to the campsite of Chambord right away.

Fei was now the king of a level 1 affiliated kingdom, a level 2 noble of Zenit, and the Legion Commander of [Wolf Teeth Legion]. He was a really powerful and influential figure, and he was sought after by a lot of people.

When he arrived at the campsite, he was scared.

Chambord’s campsite was surrounded by people, and it was hard for people to pass through. If these people weren’t wearing nice clothes and didn’t have presents in their hands, Fei would have thought that these people were here to cause trouble.

These people were all here for Fei.

Fei knew stuff was about to go down, and he quickly switched to Assassin Mode and disappeared from the magic carriage.

Just as he predicted, right after he disappeared from the magic carriage, the “visitors” saw the king’s carriage and quickly rushed over. With flattering smiles on their faces, they reported their masters’ names and the presents they had. From the look of it, it seemed like they even wanted to stuff the gifts through the window on the carriage.

After hearing the noise outside, Fei who was already back in his tent was a little excited.

He called over a Saint Seiya named Ivanovic. After taking the order, this man bowed and left.

What happened next made all the Chambordians laugh.

There were a few tables set up in the campsite, and the empty field where the soldiers practiced was fenced off as well. Everyone who was here to give presents to Fei was let in one by one. After they handed the gift and got their information registered, they were asked to leave politely.

No one was kicked out for giving a present, but they couldn’t see the king of Chambord.

The two tough-looking warriors of Chambord who made into the top-13 list explained with smiles on their faces. They said that the king was tired after the competition and needed to rest; if he was awakened at this time, he would definitely be enraged and would kill some people.

Even the most powerful and noble “visitors” had to leave docilely.

They can’t do anything against true power.

In the entire afternoon, the person who was in charge of doing the recording got sore hands and got changed out more than a dozen times. All the Bylaw Enforcement Officers and Saint Seiyas who were in charge of moving the presents felt numbness and soreness in their shoulders; they were more tired now than when they were in the competition.

The campsite was finally less crowded when the night arrived.

Smiles never disappeared from the Chambordians’ faces; their faces almost couldn’t handle it. Even [Fallen Princess] Victoria who was usually lazy even ran out to help. Golden stars circled in her beautiful eyes as she looked at the mountains of presents, and she wanted to take her shoes off and roll around in these presents while shouting, “These are all mine…… all mine……” If she wasn’t scared of Fei’s scolding, she would have done it right there.

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