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Hail the King Chapter 344.2

Chapter 344: Elder’s Gamble (Part Two)

In the afternoon, Angela had already arranged fast horses and messengers to pass the news to Chambord City.

If everything was smooth, the kingdom that was small and remote in the north would get the news by tomorrow evening. A huge celebration would take place there as well.

Now, no affiliated kingdoms dared to challenge the king of Chambord, and all the affiliated kingdoms who had conflicts with Chambord would probably come to Chambord and beg for forgiveness.

“Chambordians are too sly!”

The last person who handed over the present was a mid-aged nobleman. When he walked out of the campsite and saw the celebration happening inside the enclosed zone, he had to sigh and comment.

He never needed to go to a kingdom of bumpkins and try to establish a friendship, and it seemed like these barbaric and greedy people didn’t understand the principle of taking and giving! For the entire afternoon, these people only did two things; received gifts, and receive more gifts!

They completely forgot about giving back in return.

In fact, they didn’t even give a verbal promise back, let alone actually gifts in return. Everyone was here to see the king of Chambord, but none of them saw that greedy b-----d.


“Hahaha! Is this what it means to have a cramp in the hands while counting money?”

Fei laughed proudly as he looked at the report that [Fallen Princess] Victoria handed to him. Although he had the magical item [Horadric Cube] and could make money in many ways, it was still thrilling to see this much treasures.

What he received in the afternoon was more than the taxes and other revenues the royal family of Chambord got in the last 10 years!

Everyone was happy in the central tent, including Lampard who usually had a straight face.

Although Fei was the key in turning Chambord’s situation around, every member of Chambord contributed to the success of Chambord by sweating and bleeding for the kingdom. They all watched and participated in the rising of Chambord, and they all felt a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Even if Chambord grew into a huge empire and the king of Chambord had numerous warriors under his command, no one could take this sense of pride and accomplishment away from them.

Drogba who had a tough guy appearance was so excited that he started crying.

At other times, Pierce would grasp this opportunity and laugh at him. But now, this white-haired tough man was also sobbing. Half a year ago when he used suicidal methods against the black armored enemies, Pierce thought he was dead for sure. At the time, he didn’t know that a miracle took place, and he didn’t know that the miracles didn’t stop reoccurring……

Only the people who experienced the hard, tough, and dangerous times at Chambord could understand why these tough men were crying.

Robbin and his father, old Aryang, were sitting in the central tent quietly. Although they never experienced what Chambord went through, their emotions were all pulled by what was happening around them.

“Victoria, separate the gifts into two piles. Divide one pile so everyone in the camp gets a share, and put the other pile onto carriages….. they would be useful later……” Fei gave the report back to the [Fallen Princess] and gave her, who was an yet unidentified person, an important role.

However, Victoria didn’t realize that her value was confirmed by the king; her attention was completely focused on something else. With excitement in her eyes, she asked: “Everyone in the camp? So I get a share too?”

“Are you really a princess? You are so greedy.” Fei frowned; he had nothing else to say to this girl.


Victoria lowered her head in disappointment as tears appeared in her eyes.

But in the next moment, she realized that her share of the treasures wasn’t taken away despite the fact that she was scolded by the king. The smile instantly came back to her face, and she rushed out of the tent to get everything organized. Her tight red dress drew out her sexy figure, and her exposed and slender lower legs were very seductive; she was a very attractive girl.

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