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Hail the King Chapter 344.4

Chapter 344: Elder’s Gamble (Part Four)

The disadvantages Chambord had to deal with were limited territories and population. On this continent that was filled with tricks, strategies, powerful masters, warrior energies, magic power, and talented genius, Chambord couldn’t dominate using only the strength of one person; even those top-tier warriors had their own forces and influences.

Without talking about other examples, Emperor Yassin clearly represented this idea. The part of the reason why Emperor Yassin was named the rare super genius among hundreds of empires was that he had control of level 1 Empire Zenit on top of his own individual strength.

A real kingdom and a real empire required both talents in strength and wisdom.

Chambord didn’t lack strength, but it did lack wisdom and intelligence. There were only powerful warriors, but there weren’t talented military commanders and administrative management experts. Although the king of Chambord was able to create a lot of miracles, he wasn’t a talented general.

Of course, old Aryang didn’t underestimate the king of Chambord.

In most cases, legendary kings and emperors weren’t great commanders. The king of Chambord had that undescribed mystery and unspeakable charisma, and anyone including reckless warriors would listen to his orders.

From this competition, it was clear that [One Sword] who was famous and admired by many lost to the king of Chambord in both strength and charisma. Masters like [Wind Fire Dual Warriors] from the Gudong Kingdom, [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] who was an arrogant character, haughty Princess Cindy of the Bulan Kingdom, and black horse Shevchenko all admired and looked up to the king of Chambord, didn’t matter if they lost to him or not.

In comparison, [One Sword] exposed his narrow-minded personally and fell from his throne. Currently, even regular warriors favored the king of Chambord, let alone heroic figures who had their own perspectives.

Now, the king of Chambord was a level 2 noble with more power, the Chambord Kingdom was a level 1 affiliated kingdom with more resources, and there was the opportunity to construct the new legion. In old Aryang’s mind, all the required setups were there, and the only thing that was needed was proper operations. He felt like this was the opportunity for the king of Chambord to separate out of Zenit to establish his own empire!

What the king of Chambord needed the most were talents.

Talents in all fields.

Old Aryang knew that he was such a talent, especially in terms of military. He had his own glories, and he had that undoubted pride in his heart. If the king of Chambord trusted him and gave him the opportunity, he was confident that he could help the king of Chambord become a dragon that could soar in cloud nine.

Of course, he also needed the king of Chambord’s help to take his revenge and wash off the stain on his name.

He had observed enough these days, and the scroll Fei was reading right now was prepared by him in advance; he knew that the king of Chambord would be the champion for sure.

What he did today was pretty much a gamble. Although it wasn’t proper for him to recommend himself when he had no official position yet, he was testing to see if this king of Chambord was someone who was ambitious and brave enough to have his loyalty.

At this moment, he knew that he won the gamble.

The king of Chambord didn’t disappoint him.

That phrase “Teacher Aryang” was enough for him. Right now, he was just patiently waiting for the king of Chambord to finish reading the scroll.

On the scroll, he mentioned all kinds of recommendations from how to construct the legion to how to grasp the control of [Wolf Teeth Legion] after the war was over and become a real powerhouse.

He believed that these things could move this young and unpredictable king.


After two hours.

“Why aren’t they out yet?”

Robbin was very anxious as he walked around outside the central tent.

This master warrior had sworn his loyalty to Fei, but he was a little scared of his father who had been always serious in front of him. He knew his father, and that was why he was afraid that his father might offend the king with his direct words and stubbornness. If that happened, Robbin didn’t know which side he should stand on.

The other warriors of Chambord were wondering about the same thing.

When old Aryang asked that question two hours ago and gave Fei the white scroll, a lot of people realized that they have underestimated this old man who was almost crippled.

This old man must have a special background.

Just as everyone was getting a little impatient, the curtain to the central tent opened. After seeing the smile on the king’s face as well as how the king was helping old Aryang to move around intimately, they relaxed and knew that the situation wasn’t in its worse state.

However, what the king said next shocked everyone.

“From now on, Teacher Aryang would be fully in charge of the construction of [Wolf Teeth Legion]. Everyone has to listen to him, and the ones who don’t would be charged with the crime of treason

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