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Hail the King Chapter 345.1

Chapter 345: Battle on The Peak (1) (Part One)

“As you wish, Your Majesty.”

Although a lot of people had questions on their minds and they all wanted to know the conversation that made the king trust this mysterious old Aryang so much, no one objected as they all kneeled down to take the order. After all, they all worshipped Fei and completely trusted him.

Robbin was the most excited person.

It wasn’t because his father got the king’s trust and was now very powerful; it was because he saw the bright smile on his father face that was filled with despair and hopelessness for the last six years. It felt like an old and dried tree got revived as a new branch grew out of it.


To Fei, old Aryang’s appearance was perfect. It felt like someone gave him a heated bag when he was cold and a pillow when he was tired.

In the scroll, old Aryang talked about how to construct the [Wolf Teeth Legion] including who to use as Team Commanders, Battalion Commanders, and Brigade Commanders. He gave reasons why he chose them, and he also mentioned some of his bold ideas. If everything went according to the plan, this [Wolf Teeth Legion] would be Fei’s own troop in less than half a year.

Although Fei didn’t really want this new legion, he realized that old Aryang was a real talent.

After he read the scroll, he talked with the old man for more than an hour. Although Fei didn’t know anything about the military, he was able to tell that this old man whose legs were still injured had a lot of experience in this field.

When old Aryang talked about the military, pride and confidence couldn’t be hidden in his eyes. That dominating aura that leaked out when he was talking told Fei that this ordinary-looking man was a famous general who had control of a huge number of soldiers.

Perhaps this old man was an influential figure before, but some tragedy happened and caused him to have severe leg injuries, lose his family, and be homeless. He was only able to hide away with his son Robbin, and Robbin who was a Five-Star Warrior had to serve the little Tudor Kingdom to survive.

Fei didn’t want to ask old Aryang what happened to him.

He only knew that Chambord was in desperate need of talents, and old Aryang was such a talent.

At the same time, Fei wasn’t worried that old Aryang would betray him.

Since Fei used some [Hulk Potion] when treating this old man’s leg injuries, it somehow placed a seal in this old man’s mind. It would somehow make him more loyal to Fei, and Fei was able to sense his change in emotion through this mystic spiritual connection ever so slightly.

On top of that, Fei didn’t feel like old Aryang and Robbin were people who would betray others.

The trust between men all originated from a gut feeling, and Fei trusted his won instinct.

That was why he didn’t ask Robbin and his father about their backgrounds and didn’t inspect them. He trusted them, and that was why he allowed this mysterious old man to have complete control over the construction of [Wolf Teeth Legion].

Now, Fei can act as a hands-off commander.

To be honest, the field of the military wasn’t something that Fei who was an “otaku” could get around in; there was just so much information.

He was more interested in the upcoming Martial Saints Battle.

This battle wasn’t just monitored by Zenit and Spartax. Other big adjacent empires such as the Jax Empire, the Eindhoven Empire, and the St. Germain Empire were closely monitoring the battle between Martial Saint Krasic and Martial Saint Lkunta as well.

It was heard that except for the Martial Saint of Spartax who was a participating party, No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire – Huntelaar, No.1 General of the Eindhoven Empire – Costakarta, and Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire – Girano, all came to St. Petersburg with envoys to spectate this battle.

As the day of the battle approached, everyone had questions about viewing qualifications.

Normal traveling warriors and citizens of Zenit won’t get the chance.

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  1. Macrendil Ysmir

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    • LOL the readers in Europe and fans of soccer would have a wild experience. More locations and names will be unlocked!

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