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Hail the King Chapter 345.2

Chapter 345: Battle on The Peak (1) (Part Two)

It was heard that both Martial Saints didn’t want people to spectate, but the pressures from the adjacent empires made them agree that 100 people could appear on the Martial Saint Mountain and view their battle. These 100 viewing spots were something that numerous warriors wanted, and it was heard that some people were willing to pay 1,000,000 gold coins for a seat.

After all, it was the battle between two Martial Saints that were rarely seen by people.

For warriors who were stuck at thresholds, they might be inspired by something in the battle and get to level up. Also, being able to view the battle between two Martial Saints was a great honor, and it was something that people could brag about. Therefore, other than the warriors, nobles and leaders of big families also were willing to pay for the seats.

Fei wasn’t too worried about it.

The Royal Family of Zenit and the Military Headquarter of Zenit both agreed that the top 25 masters in the competition were able to receive a viewing seat each. The Jax Empire, the Eindhoven Empire, and the St. Germain Empire each would get five viewing seats, the Regional Church – Summer Palace was able to get 10 seats, and the final 50 seats were distributed among noble families and powerful soldiers and commanders who had enough military merits. Of courses, the powerful soldiers and commanders were typically from noble families as well.

In this case, Chambord received six viewing seats, and Fei was able to patiently wait for the day of the battle.

During this period, old Aryang was constructing the [Wolf Teeth Legion] under Fei’s order.

The king of Chambord’s fame and charisma was completely showcased.

In a short time, numerous kings of affiliated kingdoms joined the [Wolf Teeth Legion] with their elite force, and they included the Byzantine Kingdom that was now level 4 and the Gudong Kingdom that was now level 2. In just one day, three out of the five brigades were filled.

“However, out the masters that I recommended, there are a few who agreed to join the legion but then later hesitated.” Old Aryang reported this to Fei on the night of the second day; it felt like there was a deeper meaning behind his words.

“It is ok if we can’t fill up the legion. We don’t need to force anyone.” Fei wasn’t worried about it.

Old Aryang wanted to say something, but he also felt like the king had some other meanings behind his words. He thought the king was testing his ability, so he held himself back and quietly exited the tent.


In the evening, Fei entered Diablo World to kill monsters and level up.

After two previous nights’ hard work, Fei completed the first two quests in [The Pandemonium Fortress].  He didn’t just kill the Fallen Angel; he also found the Hellforge Hammer from the [River of Flame] and broke the Soul Stone of [Mephisto], one of the three lords of the hell. After this, Diablo the final boss was the only boss left.

Currently, the third quest in [The Pandemonium Fortress] named [Terror’s End] was half completed.

This quest was very hard to complete as the final boss Diablo was the target. After traveling through [River of Flames], Fei was able to enter [Chaos Sanctuary]. After entering the palace, opening the five seals, and killing a huge number of monsters and demons, Diablo would appear after a huge earthquake. Fei’s mission was to kill Diablo.

In the last two nights, Fei already opened three seals and killed a lot of monsters.

Fei’s Barbarian Character was now level 83, and he was very strong. He also got a few level 5 Orange Items, but they weren’t as good as the items Fei bought from the NPCs with a lot of money. Therefore, Fei kept a few good ones in his storage space and sold the rest.

Since a huge number of dangerous elite monsters would appear after one seal was opened, Fei didn’t dare to open all five seals at one time. He chose to take it slow, and he finally opened all five seals and killed all monsters after four hours.

In the palace that was filled with dark red stone pillar and lava of hell, a series of loud and angry roars sounded after a huge earthquake. Diablo appeared!

This evil lord of hell had a lot of red muscles on it, and there were eight huge bone spikes on its back. It had insane damage as well as fast health regeneration speed. With the powerful aura around him, one of his loud roars could instantly kill a Six-Star Warrior in the real world.

After Fei and Elena danced around and tried their best, they were finally able to kill this super boss.

A lot of colorful items were dropped onto the ground after Diablo was killed, and there were two green Set Items. However, Fei didn’t have time to pick them up; his gaming time for the day was up. Since Elena was a resident of Diablo World, she wasn’t able to see the items on the ground and pick them up for Fei. It looked like Fei could only come back and pick up these items next time.

Now, the Barbarian Character was level 84.


The weather wasn’t too good in the camp area. It was already 8’o clock in the morning, but the sky was still dark. It felt like the dark clouds was an evil veil that blocked all the sunlight. Without any sunlight and any wind, a frightening atmosphere appeared.

After Fei woke up with Angela and got washed up with the help of the future queen, he walked out of the tent. However, he instantly frowned as he felt something ominous.

After half an hour, a set of caravans lead by cavaliers who were in golden helmets and golden armors appeared in the camp area. After waiting for another half an hour, they brought the top 25 masters to the Martial Saint Mountain.

The time of the battle was at sunset, and the location of the battle was at the peak of Martial Saint Mountain.

The lucky people who got viewing seats were supposed to arrive before sunset and stay in the specified viewing area.

This was a rare opportunity, and even [One Sword] who was conceited listened to the arrangement of the Royal Guards and got his rusty sword taken away from him. After everyone got their weapons and armors taken away from them, they went through tight inspections and arrived at the foot of Martial Saint Mountain at 3’o Clock in the afternoon.

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