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Hail the King Chapter 346.1

Chapter 346: Battle on The Peak (2) (Part One)

The Martial Saint Mountain was located within St. Petersburg. Looking from afar, it looked like a blossoming lotus. There were in total 11 mountain peaks; 10 lower peaks circled around one sword-like peak that soared into the clouds. Although there were many peaks, the mountain didn’t occupy too much space; its horizontal dissection area only occupied less than five square kilometers.

As if these 11 peaks grew from the ground, they looked very abrupt as there were no other mountains besides them. The 10 peaks on the outside were all very steep as a few mountains were even tilted to one side, and they were all covered with white rocks.

A famous traveling poet made a metaphor and said that the Martial Saint Mountain of Zenit looked like a pair of God’s hand that carefully held a sharp sword.

This metaphor accurately reflected the direct impression that the citizens of St. Petersburg had about the Martial Saint Mountain.

A bunch of people including Fei was led to the third peak on the south by the royal guards. This third peak on the south was about 600 meters tall, and it was tilting outwards a little.  When people were on the edge of the peak, they would feel like the mountain was about to fall and collapse. Despite that, this peak was still one of the flatter peaks compared to the other nine.

Due to the long-term blockage of the sunlight, it was very humid under this peak. There were a ton of mosses, a lot of grey vines, and numerous poisonous bugs and snakes. This area was usually restricted by the Royal Family of Zenit, and it was very quiet.

At the bottom of this peak, there was a dark and narrow path. It was heard that it formed naturally, and it was refined later artificially. Now, this path led directly to the top of this peak, and all the lucky people who could spectate this Martial Saint Battle all went on this peak through this path.

Before the masters from the affiliated kingdoms came, there were already seven groups of people who walked on this path.

This order represented the difference in status. Fei and the people around him were only masters from affiliated kingdoms, and their statuses were a lot lower than the envoys of the other empires, the Regional Church, and the nobles in the Capital. However, since they were lucky enough to view the battle, there was nothing to complain about.

At the bottom of this peak, Fei and other masters were tightly inspected by a team of royal guards and royal mages again. Only after they reconfirmed the identities of these people and took away everyone’s storage rings, they allowed this group of people to proceed forward.

This inspection was really tight.

At the entrance of the path, Fei saw a royal guard holding a purple circular item. This item sent out dashes of purple lights as it scanned everyone. Somehow, the purple light brightened a lot when it landed on one master from an affiliated kingdom, and he was instantly tackled onto the ground and put into handcuffs.

Before they made onto the Martial Saint Mountain, one out of the 25 masters was already gone.

The path inside the peak was a lot drier compared to the bottom of the peak, and there were orange-yellow magic lights that were sound activated every five meters apart. As they walked by, the lights would light up and show the path; after they walked past the area, the lights would turn off themselves.

The path itself had many turns. After passing by a few, it was hard to tell the direction. However, they all knew that they were moving up as the path was on an incline. In fact, some parts of the path were connected with iron chains horizontally, and people had no other ways to get past them except climbing.

Fortunately, the weakest person in the group was a Four-Star Warrior, and path like this wasn’t difficult to get by.

With the lead of three royal guards, Fei’s group finally saw some natural lights and heard wind whistling sounds after 30 minutes. After a few more minutes, they visions broadened as they saw a circular open field that was about 100 meters in diameter.

There were more than a dozen mid-aged men in brown robes standing in the field. Also, they had long swords and wooden shields on their backs.

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