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Hail the King Chapter 347.1

Chapter 347: Battle on The Peak (3) (Part One)

“The viewing area is just in the front. Please follow me.” After the dozen master of the Martial Saint Mountain escorted the group here, they returned immediately. Two younger warriors in white robes who had swords on their back appeared in front of the group and greet them. They smiled at the group as if they were used to this reaction, and they woke up the surprised crowd.

Everyone looked at each other, they all saw the surprise in each other’s eyes; no one expected the top of the tall sword peak to be like this. It was great for cultivations as absorbable energies flowed in the air.

Since the two young warriors were leading the way, the crowd just followed in dizziness.

Martial Saint’s name was like an unclimbable mountain and a monument. The title Martial Saint was sealed in the mind of every warrior of Zenit, and even arrogant warriors like [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] was docile like a puppy as he followed everyone.

Of course, Fei knew that it wasn’t due to fear but respect.

Martial Saint Krasic had resided on the Martial Saint Mountain for the last 26 years, and he gave the citizens of Zenit Empire 26 years of peace. Even though the nobles of the empire were corrupt, the lowest and poorest citizens were able to sense the peaceful life this quiet Martial Saint brought them.

In the history books, there was an important record. Just when Zenit Empire was established, it was still weak and was invaded by mortal energy Spartax Empire. Emperor Yassin personally led the troops to battle the enemies both in the south and in the north, and a lot of affiliated kingdoms also started trying to overthrow Zenit under the instigation of the enemies at this time. For a while, the flames of chaos burned in Zenit. Many farmlands were turned into burned grounds, murders and robberies were committed everywhere, and the citizens of the empire cried in pain. It was Martial Saint Krasic who got furious. Using his individual strength, he traveled more than tens of thousands of kilometers in three days and killed the royal families of the 36 rebel kingdoms and 18 bandit organizations. He instantly shocked the entire empire using his brutal methods.

After that, the rebellions were stopped and no affiliated kingdom dared to rebel again for the last 26 years. Zenit became peaceful, the royal family of Zenit became impeccable, and the Martial Saint Mountain became the Holy Land in the minds of warriors and citizens of Zenit.

The ugly history created the glory of Martial Saint Krasic.

Although the scenery on the Martial Saint Mountain was as beautiful as a painting, it had a solemn and holy aura; it made people feel a sense of respect and some fear. Even Fei respected this Martial Saint that he never met before a lot.

“The viewing area is right here. Please wait here and don’t move around.”

After ten minutes of walking, the group saw an open space. There were more than a dozen stone chairs that had people on them, and there were still a lot of people standing around. There were more than 70 of them, and they could be divided into more than a dozen smaller groups by looking at who they walked to.

These people looked up as they noticed new arrivals.

There were a lot of people who Fei was familiar with, and these people include Tanasha, Paris, Ziene, Dominguez, Chrystal, and Beyonce; Fei even saw Manager Redknapp of Soros’ Merchant Group and his daughter Shirley.

Except for these familiar faces, Fei also saw some new faces.

There were 10 figures standing by one edge of the open space. Fei could tell their identities by looking at their clothes; he didn’t need an introduction. The black and white priest robes and the silver armors with the short red capes that had crosses on them told everyone that they were from the Holy Church.

Six priests and four cavaliers; they were the selected few from the Holy Church who were lucky enough to watch this battle. One elder who looked warm with his white hair and a lightly bolding head was circled around by others; it was obvious that his status was the highest. Fei could tell that this elder was at least on the level of low-tier Seven-Star, and he was a powerful master.

The other priests and cavaliers beside him were a lot younger, and the oldest of the bunch was younger than 30 years old. However, none of them were weak despite their young ages.

There were five strangers who were close to the people from the Holy Church; their clothes clearly said that they weren’t from Zenit. There was a mid-aged man in his 30s. He looked determined, and his body was big. His yellow short hair was going straight up, and it was held together by a golden hairband. His cheeks were fluff, and his eyes were deep into his head. In addition, he had a big noise and a lot of hair on his body. Looking from afar, it looked like he was an ape. He was sitting on a stone chair while occupying a lot of space, and his eyes were closed. With one of his hands holding onto the sword that was resting on his knees, it felt like he had grasped the entire world.

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