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Hail the King Chapter 348.1

Chapter 348: Battle on The Peak (4) (Part One)

Other than these people, the rest were people from the royal family of Zenit and noble families in the Capital.

When the masters from the affiliated kingdoms arrived, they attracted a lot of attention, especially Fei.

Since Fei was the champion of the competition and gained control of the [Wolf Teeth Legion], he was a new political star in Zenit; there were a lot more people trying to figure out the likings and the characteristics of the king. For a moment, all kinds of looks were cast at him including surprised, jealous, intimate, hostile……

The Elder Princess sat on one of the few stone chairs and nodded at Fei with the guard of purple-dressed Ziene.

Ziene who was usually very cold also nodded at Fei to greet him.

“Hehe, Alexander, you are late!” A coquettish giggle sounded, and Paris walked over as she moved her slender and sexy waist. Without hesitation, she put her beautiful and white index finger on Fei’s chest and smiled, “I was just taking with Oka His Highness about you……”

Fei had a headache, and he had to respond to that in a stiff manner.

It seemed like this girl loved to flirt with Fei more and more. She dragged Fei to Dominguez and started talking with them. Dominguez left a good impression in Fei’s mind, and they chatted intimately for a while. Afterward, Fei returned to where the masters from the affiliated kingdoms were at.

However, what happened was misinterpreted by others. Since the king of Chambord walked with Dominguez and Paris intimately, a lot of people thought that he was on the side of the Second Prince for sure.

After thinking about this, a lot of people looked at the Elder Princess.

They knew that the Elder Princess was on the side of the Elder Prince in this battle for the throne.

However, they couldn’t find anything on the Elder Princess’ face as this woman called [Goddess of Intelligence] looked calm. With nobles who favored the Elder Prince by her side, she was sitting on the stone chair with a black fur cover, and she was reading an old book that had more than a thousand pages in it.

However, those nobles around the Elder Princess were looking at Fei with hostility.

As if she sensed something, purple-dressed Ziene frowned and walked up to Fei as everyone looked at her in surprise. After she murmured something into Fei’s ear intimately, she pointed at the Elder Princess who was sitting far away.

Fei didn’t know how he should feel, and he nodded and agreed to her suggestions.

This scene made the people who were observing the situation a little confused. “Could it be that the king of Chambord actually has a good relationship with the Elder Princess and the Elder Prince as well? Otherwise, why is the Elder Princess’ bodyguard Ziene so close to this king?”

The younger noblemen beside Tanasha were in shock! Ziene’s coldness was known in St. Petersburg; she even rejected the marriage proposal after the Fourth Prince Chrystal brought up to her. “Why is she so close to the king of Chambord?” many people wondered.

Chrystal’s face instantly turned gloomy after he saw this.


Time slowly passed by in this strange and subtle atmosphere, and the people who led everyone to the viewing area all disappeared.

However, everyone knew that the Martial Saint Mountain was tightly guarded. Although everything looked calm, if anyone dared to move around without permission, he or she would be in big trouble. Fei actually already sensed all the hidden auras of the powerful warriors around here.

It was close to sunset soon.

From the rumors, the Martial Saint Battle should be taking place. However, both Martial Saints were nowhere to be seen.

Fei had been closely observing the surroundings.

Where everyone was at as an open grass field, and it wasn’t the highest place on this central sword peak. 100 meters away, there was a huge cylinder-shaped stone pillar that was about 100 meters tall and 50 meters in diameter. It soared into the clouds, and it was the tallest place on the Martial Saint Mountain.

If Fei wasn’t wrong, the two Martial Saints were going to battle there.

Where everyone was standing right now was a great spot; people standing here could have a complete view of the battle without worrying about getting injured by the residual forces from the battle.

As Fei continued to observe, he unintendedly turned his head and saw the Fourth Prince Chrystal talking to some other young noblemen. They were laughing and chatting as they pointed at Fei’s direction with disdainful looks on their faces.

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