Chapter 348: Battle on The Peak (4) (Part Two)

Fei shook his head as he didn’t know how to feel about this prince.

After the inception of the [Letter Office], Fei got a better understanding of Zenit. He knew that this Fourth Prince wasn’t willing to be overshadowed by the Elder Prince and the Second Prince and also wanted to fight for the throne. Although he believed he was the choose one, he lacked the talent. He thought he was a child of the gods and the next righteous emperor of Zenit, but he didn’t know that he was like a clown in other people’s eyes.


The people who appeared on this open field all had honorable statuses. In comparison, the 22 masters from the competition had the lowest statuses. They were discriminated against by some of the nobles; getting pointed at was light, and it wasn’t uncommon to get mocked at. Gradually, the masters from the affiliated kingdoms who previously shattered around all came back with blushes on their faces.

Some of them wanted to use this opportunity to establish friendships with some higher nobles, but they all failed. Except for a few top-tier masters, most of them didn’t even get a response as the higher-up nobles didn’t view them as people on their level.

Fei smiled; he had already predicted this outcome.

At this moment, a series of footsteps sounded. Three masters from the Martial Saint Mountain who were wearing brown robes and carrying swords on their back led a group of more than a dozen people to the area.

Fei saw a few familiar faces; they were the Spartax warriors he encountered during the parade. One of them threw a rock at him, and that warrior’s shoulder got pierced after Fei knocked the rock back. From the look of it, it seemed like this warrior fully recovered; he was moving around with vitality and didn’t look injured at all.

However, it seemed like Martial Saint Lkunta of Spartax wasn’t with them.

“Spartax people are here……”

“They are the people who were with the Martial Saint of Spartax. How dare these bastards to show themselves here?”

“Don’t stop me! Let me kill these damn butchers!”

The people of Zenit got emotional after they saw the appearance of the Spartax warriors. Didn’t matter if it was a nobleman or a master from an affiliated kingdom, they were all angry. At this moment, the citizens of Zenit showed their unity.

However, they were all blocked by the masters of the Martial Saint Mountain.

The atmosphere instantly got intense. However, the warriors of Spartax were still very arrogant and very provoking. The few warriors in the lead said a lot of provoking phrases and laughed recklessly……

Fei lightly frowned.

Elena and Fei were like connected by hearts. She instantly understood Fei’s thoughts and walked over to the Spartax warriors. “King Alexander wants you guys to shut up!” she said to them lightly.

“Yo? A beauty?”

“Hey, beauty, who is that King Alexander? Call him over and let me see.”

After seeing Elena’s beautiful face and sexy figure, obscene ideas popped into their heads. Since they were technically enemies, a few warriors of Spartax even tried to flirt with Elena and make her angry.

“You guys are looking for me?” Fei appeared behind Elena and stopped her from attacking.

“It’s him?”

The warriors of Spartax suddenly froze and shivered. “Is he the person who instantly injured Bother Barton? Damn! Why is he here again?” they thought.

With Fei’s appearance, these warriors of Spartax toned it down and walked away quickly; they didn’t dare to say anything else.

A lot of people saw this, and some masters of affiliated kingdoms were looking at Fei as if he was their idol. Scaring off the enemies with one phrase! That was the aura of the No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdoms! Even those young noblemen who were looking at Fei with hostility were now looking at him a lot friendlier.

At this moment –

“Look! Quick! It is…… Mr. Martial Saint!”

Someone shouted and pointed in the sky, and everyone followed the direction of his finger and saw two figures standing quietly on the huge stone pillar. It felt like these two had been standing there forever and the people in the view area just didn’t discover them.

The sun was set, and the moon was rising into the sky.

The two Martial Saints were about to battle.

It was close to the evening, and the moon was just on the level of the central sword peak.  With the huge moon in the background, the two figures were clearly showcased. It felt like these two people were the gods as their clothes fluttered in the wind as the moonlight shined on them. The whole scene was beautiful.

Martial Saint Lkunta’s body was tall and big like a mountain. He was wearing an ordinary leather armor, and his arms were crossed in front of his chest. As his long hair lightly moved in the wind, he gave off an insane amount of pressure.

On the other side……

Fei was shocked when he saw that figure. His jaw dropped as he couldn’t believe that the Martial Saint Krasic of Zenit was him!

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