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Hail the King Chapter 349.1

Chapter 349: Battle on The Peak (5) (Part One)

On the pinnacle of the central sword peak under the moonlight, Fei found out that the thin figure standing on the other side of Lkunta was the mysterious man who had been teaching Fei at the [Huge Pit Battlefield] in Moro Mountains.

Martial Saint of Zenit – Krasic!

An honorable and glorious name! This name represented a legend, and this name represented an era.

Fei had been guessing who that mysterious man was. Emperor Yassin? A hidden master? Or that mysterious No.1 Executive Knight Captain, Akinfeev? He knew that the mysterious man had to be powerful as he was able to access the Royal Library and the notes written by Emperor Yasin himself.

However, Fei never expected that man to be the Martial Saint of Zenit!

Fei stood up subconsciously and shouted, “Elder!”

“Eh.” Krasic who was standing on top of the huge stone pillar looked down at Fei and lightly nodded. The strong wind messed up Krasic’s long hair, and he looked a little frenzy as dashes of invisible warrior energy circled around him. His power let everyone sensed a huge pressure as if a real Demon Deity arrived on the continent.

Fei’s mood got a lot better after he received the response.

Fei didn’t care about Krasic’s identity; he only cared about the attention that this silent yet protective elder gave him.

When Fei was being assassinated by that mysterious assassin in the camp area, it was Martial Saint Krasic who came to help him. Although he didn’t directly save Fei, he did chase after that assassin and fought him in the Moro Mountains. After Krasic defeated the assassin and created the [Huge Pit Battlefield], he left quietly without taking any credits. After that, he appeared every night to teach Fei about cultivation, and he even gave Fei the technique notes written by Emperor Yassin.

Although that training only went on for less than 20 days, it solidified Fei’s cultivation foundation. After that, Fei was able to restructure the techniques of his characters in Diablo World and condensed their damage abilities using the fundamental Krasic taught him.

To Fei, Krasic wasn’t the high-up Martial Saint but a fatherly figure and a great teacher.

Fei only felt grateful and respectful towards this Martial Saint of Zenit.

He was wondering when he could meet this mysterious man again, and fate quickly rearranged it and allowed for this quick re-encounter.

“Elder, be careful!” Fei knew that worrying too much at this moment was a bad thing, but he couldn’t help shouting that out as he was anxious.

“Eh.” Krasic was still cold and only nodded.

However, these two “Ehs” were enough for the people around Fei to drop their jaws, especially those nobles. Although it was rare for them to see the Martial Saint, they all knew his stories clearly as they heard it hundreds of times. It was heard that this Martial Saint was very cold, and the famous Bishop Sergiyeli of Zenit Regional Church asked him three questions and didn’t get any responses. In comparison, although the king of Chambord was famous, he was still far below Bishop Sergiyeli’s level. “Why is he able to get favored by the Martial Saint?” everyone thought.

For a moment, even both Tanasha and Paris looked at Fei with a huge shock.

The Fourth Prince Chrystal and his noble friends were even more shocked. Chrystal’s lips twitched as he felt like he did something wrong; he didn’t know if it was too late to fix.

However, the Second Prince Dominguez wasn’t surprised. As if he didn’t hear anything, he just kept on playing with the disabled little dog named Oka in his arms. The little Oka kept on licking Dominguez’s cheeks with its pink tongue, and its eyes were filled with intimacy as it looked at its master.

“This young man is your disciple?” Martial Saint Lkunta who was standing on the tall stone pillar suddenly frowned and asked. His eyes were completely red and shot out heated glares.

“No.” Krasic lightly shook his head and wasn’t concerned about Lkunta’s weird eyes.

“Master, he is the one who injured Brother Barton!” One warrior of Spartax suddenly shouted in the viewing area.

“Huh?” Lkunta was surprised. He looked at Fei with his eyes, and it felt like a lighthouse was shining lights on Fei.

It was almost the evening, and the sky was dark. As a result, these two dashes of lights looked even more terrifying.

The Martial Saint of Spartax had a strange aura, and two lights that shone out of his eyes were like two powerful red bolts of lightning.  There was so much power in just his stares that people with weaker strength were all forced to kneel down. Even if they roared angrily and wanted to get up, they couldn’t.

Fei was completely enveloped by these two lights.

“Hahaha, you old guy, do you think you are a lighthouse? What are you looking at?” Fei suddenly thought of something and suddenly started to swear at the Lkunta. He stood straight and slowly unleashed his physical strength. Layers of invisible force were emitted to the surroundings, and some soils and dried grasses slowly levitated into the air as if gravity no longer existed.

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