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Hail the King Chapter 349.2

Chapter 349: Battle on The Peak (5) (Part Two)

“Huh?” After realizing that this warrior of Zenit dared to resist his pressure, the Martial Saint of Spartax was a little stunned. Then, he lightly drew in the air using his finger and said, “You dumbass! Since you broke one of my disciple Barton’s arms, I will do the same to you.”

After Lkunta finished drawing in the air, clouds changed shapes and wind changed directions. After a powerful energy surge, a red beam of light appeared out of nowhere and struck at Fei’s right arm with a speed faster than light.

The Martial Saint of Spartax was going to attack the king of Chambord first?

“Why did the king of Chambord provoke a real Martial Saint? He is seeking his own death!”

Even the weakest person sensed Lkunta’s power. Although they couldn’t see the trace of the finger strike, they sensed death. The masters who liked the king of Chambord were all shocked, but they couldn’t react in time to warn Fei.

This seemed to be what that warrior of Spartax was hoping for when he shouted out, and he couldn’t wait for his god-like master to teach this “arrogant” warrior of Zenit a lesson.

However –


Fei’s movement was faster than light as well. His arms left a series of vivid afterimages in the air, and there was already a thin layer of transparent flames around his right fist when people reacted to what happened. Although it felt like this thin layer of flame was going to explode at any second, it did completely block the red beam of light that carried a very dangerous sensation.

“Yuck! Only can use a little finger? Who are you scaring with your little fire?” Fei sneered and continued to provoke.

With a disdainful look on his face, Fei stood still and didn’t move. However, the power of the level 84 Barbarian shot out from his right fist and instantly broke Lkunta’s red beam of light with the skill [Bash] after a loud booming noise sounded.

It was completely quiet on the peak after that.

Numerous shocked stares landed on Fei.

The Second Prince Dominguez who instantly stood up after witnessing that slowly sat back down as a strange expression appeared on his face.

The book that the Elder Princess was holding on fell to the ground, and she didn’t even notice.

Paris fixed her hair subconsciously as she was deeply shocked.

On the other hand, all the warriors of Spartax were so shocked that their jaws almost fell out of their mouths and their eyeballs almost popped out of their heads!

“Huh? Damn you! Idiotic Zenit’s trash! Die!”

Lkunta didn’t expect this warrior of Zenit to be this powerful, and he was furious after a short moment of stun. He felt like his honor of the Martial Saint was challenged, and he felt like he was a huge dragon that was shamed by a little dog.

Fire energy surged on his body, and it felt like his entire body turned into a red jade as flame appeared.

Even the sky changed color because of Lkunta’s movement.

As Lkunta was about to use all of his force to deal with this powerful warrior of Zenit, he was stopped.

“Your opponent is me.”

Krasic who was in silence suddenly raised his voice and showed his palm that was behind his back. Then, he pressed it forward quietly as if he was removing some dust. In the next moment, green flames appeared and condensed into a huge palm that was more than 20 meters wide as it pressed down at Lkunta mercilessly.

“Hahaha, great!!! Krasic, let me kill you in front of these people of Zenit! I will let them use their own eyes to see that you are just a little bug who couldn’t even save yourself! I will kill that little bug afterward!”

Lkunta laughed as he raised his palm as well.

A huge red palm of the same size appeared, and it smashed onto the green palm. For a moment, loud booming noise resonated in the sky, and the mountain shook as a consequence as well. The two strikes canceled out each other, and the green and red energy flames dispersed into the area.

This signified the beginning of the battle!

At this moment, everyone at St. Petersburg, everyone at the camp area, and even almost everyone at Zenit looked at the direction of the sword peak. They all prayed as they looked at the green and red flames in the air, and they all wished that Martial Saint Krasic was going to get the final laugh.

Fei, on the other hand, let go of his breath.

He carefully observed the battle, and he just hoped that what he did was helpful for the Martial Saint of Zenit, Krasic.

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    thanks for the chapter. cant wait for the next

  3. Leon

    What is the martial saint rank? Are they mid /high ranking moon class or sun class warrior?

    • DarkHarmonics

      Martial Saint Rank is just the title given to protectors of an entire Empire, they’re normally Moon Class warriors with a lot of experience in lower ranking Empires but I think higher ranking Empires do have Sun Class warriors as their Martial Saint

    • Bokkur

      Martial Saint is a title, not a rank. It just means they are considered the strongest in their country. Presumably they are somewhere in the Moon rank, since Sun is supposed to be a big deal, but neither Zenit or Krasic are particularly powerful empires.

    • What Bokkur and DarkHarmonics said are absolutely right!

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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  5. Robinxen

    Did he apply debuffs or something in the confusion? Damn that’s sneaky.

    • WirlWind

      I think it was more like upsetting his mind by being annoying XD

      If he’d used abilities on him, someone would have noticed.

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