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Hail the King Chapter 350.1

Chapter 350: Battle at the Peak (6) (Part One)

Fei who was under Barbarian Mode was on the level of Nine-Star, and Martial Saint Lkunta was at least a Moon-Class Elite. However, it was a secret to the people of Zenit as to which moon level Lkunta was on.

Since the difference in strength was huge between Fei and Lkunta, Fei was sure that he couldn’t even take 10 strikes from Lkunta.

It was fortunate that Fei accumulated some experience dealing with Moon-Class Elites when he fought Balesi, and Lkunta didn’t attack Fei with full strength earlier. That was why Fei was able to take those two strikes.

Also, the reason why Fei swore at Lkunta and provoked Lkunta to attack him wasn’t that he was an idiot and tried to show-off. Instead, he wanted to move Lkunta’s emotion and also cancel out some of Lkunta’s momentum.

To master warriors who were fighting with others on the same level, both mental state and the momentum were very important.

The stability of the metal state would determine if one could use his or her full strength in a battle. Real masters would adjust their mental state before a battle and calm themselves down; that was the only way that one could have complete control of himself or herself.

Momentum was like the morale.

It was intangible, but it was really important to accumulate it so the battle can be smoother.

Real masters would try to accumulate momentum before striking. Although it was hard to grasp, it did exist. Fei remembered a story he read when he was on earth. In the story “Military strategies of CaoGui”, it mentioned that the morale of soldiers was at the peak at the beginning of the battle; the morale would fall down when it wasn’t used, and it would be depleted after it wasn’t used for a long time. The morale of the soldiers was like the momentum of the master warriors.

A person would be daring to do anything when he or she was angry, but he or she won’t be able to do such things when the anger was gone.

The anger of ordinary people was similar to the momentum of master warriors like Lkunta as well.

Without thinking, Fei knew that both Krasic and Lkunta used a long time to prepare for this battle. Before the battle, their mental state and momentum were both at the peak, As soon as the battle started, all hell would break loose.

Fei’s aggressive provocation first affected Lkunta’s mental state a little bit. Also, as long as Lkunta struck at him, didn’t matter which technique and to what degree, a part of the accumulated momentum would be shifted off.

These were all knowledge covered in the notes written by Emperor Yassin. Fei tried to use the knowledge he acquired creatively, and he hoped that his tiny help was useful.

Fei didn’t know if what he did was meaningful or not. He only knew that he had an ominous feeling since he woke up today, and he felt like he was going to lose a loved one. Fei didn’t understand why he was feeling that way until he met Krasic.

“Could it because of Martial Saint Krasic?”

Fei asked himself that, but he then smiled. The battle of this level wasn’t something that he could have control over, and he should just focus on observing.



Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The green and red flames dashed in the dark night like colorful fireworks, and it was mesmerizing.

“Strike of Sword!”

A cold shout sounded as Krasic lightly moved his hands. A sword that was more than 20 meters long and filled with runes appeared. Waves of green energy circles expanded outward, and it felt like space was going to tear open by it.

“Fire Creation!”

Lkunta’s long hair fluttered in the wind, and red and thick flames directly floated out of his body with the moon in the background. A huge fire shield that looked like the head of a demon instantly appeared after the flames burned off.


The green sword instantly surpassed the limit of space and time and appeared in front of Lkunta.

“Open!”  Lkunta shouted, and the fire shield smashed forward at the sharp tip of the green sword.


The entire peak started to shake again.

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