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Hail the King Chapter 351.1

Chapter 351: Battle on the Peak (7) (Part One)

“Hahaha, I have been waiting for too long……” A frenzied expression appeared on Lkunta’s face as he shouted. The blue leather armor on him was torn to pieces by his warrior energy, and his muscular upper-body was exposed.

Fei saw a tattoo of a vicious-looking beast on Lkunta’s body, and he suddenly remembered the rumors about the cultivation paths of Moon-Class Elites.

“Krasic, I will kill you, the spiritual pillar of Zenit, today on this mountain! As long as you are killed, that weak and so-called [Zenit’s God of War] will be wiped out easily as well. Spartax Empire will move all the troops into Zenit and conquer this little empire easily! After we kill everyone at St. Petersburg, I will make sure to turn that biggest rebel Yassin’s head skull into a wine cup as a memorial to the previous emperors of our Spartax!”

As Lkunta’s expression got more and more ferocious, the red energy flame around his body got brighter and brighter; it felt like fire was shooting out of his pores. Soon, he became a “fire man”.

All the people in the viewing area felt the heat, and even the grasses under their feet were being dried up. Some weaker warriors’ hairs got burned, and the color of their clothes was turning to a burned yellow. It felt like there was another sun very close to them.

Everyone used their warrior energy and tried to defend against this insane heat.

Ziene released an energy sphere around her and Tanasha, and the Second Prince Dominguez and Paris were protected by the guards around them. No.1 Swordsman of Jax Empire, Huntelaar, held onto his sword, and a silver energy glare shot out of it; it protected himself and the four guards around him. No.1 General of Eindhoven Empire, Costakarta, and the four people behind him didn’t move; it felt like they couldn’t even feel the heat. The Crown Prince of St. Germain Empire, Girano, was the most casual. He placed a blue magic wand on the ground in front of him, and a cool magic sphere appeared and shielded him and his four maids.

On the pinnacle of the central sword peak.

Krasic still looked emotionless when his opponent unleashed such power. Krasic’s hair fluttered in the wind, and his calmness mixed with the mountain-like aura on him had a very undescribed magic!

His hands were on behind him, but a dragon-roar-like noise started to sound within his body. Then, a huge sword that looked ancient and was 2 meters long appeared behind him. As if it had its own life, it floated behind Krasic and lightly buzzed; it felt like this sword was spoil child that was crying for attention.

Fei’s eyes lighted up as he saw that.

He was able to tell that the sword behind Krasic wasn’t made from warrior energy; it was, in fact, a real sword made from metal. However, this huge sword appeared out of Krasic’s body! When it slowly pulled itself out of Krasic’s body, Krasic’s body looked like a scabbard. It was very strange!

Wait! This sword was actually a [Combat Weapon]!

Everyone realized what this sword was; only the legendary [Combat Weapons] could be kept within warriors’ bodies to level up.

When a warrior advanced into the realm of Moon-Class, there were a lot more paths of cultivation that he or she could choose.

There were three main paths.

First, there was hard training. Most warriors who choose to hard train were grassroots warriors who didn’t have many resources and weren’t backed up by powerful forces. Since these warriors typically didn’t want to become the retinues of big forces, they weren’t able to get access to Combat Weapons and Demon Beasts; they could only try to cultivate using their own bodies and try to maximize their potentials.

Second, there were Combat Weapons. Combat Weapon Warriors tried to utilize the connection between warriors and Combat Weapons, and they could deal damage that was multiples times more than their own bodies. When these warriors reached the perfect level of compatibility with their Combat Weapons, they could potentially even advance and become Sun-Class Lords!

Lastly, there were Demon Beasts. By signing a Soul Contract with a powerful Demon Beast, these Beast Soul Warriors were able to utilize strengths that were multiples times of their own. Sometimes, these warriors were able to share the growth potential and the bloodline of these Demon Beasts, and they could acquire supernatural powers that didn’t belong to humans. Of course, the level of strength and potential depended on how powerful the Demon Beasts were.

On Azeroth Continent, most people who were from royal families and large forces like the Beast Soul Warrior path a lot more. This was a shortcut, and it could even save them up to a dozen years of hard work. As long as their families spent the resources and captured powerful Demon Beasts, there were ways of forcing these Demon Beasts to agree to the Soul Contracts. With the instant gain of strength and power, an ordinary person could even become a master!


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    Is Diablo considered a demon beast? If so, why not contract him?

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