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Hail the King Chapter 352.1

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Chapter 352: Battle on the Peak – Heavenly Sword Three Strikes (Part One)

“Heavenly Sword Three Strikes?”

Fei’s Barbarian instinct told him that there was a story between Lkunta and Krasic, and these two definitely knew each other very well. This [Heavenly Sword Three Strikes] was obviously a combat technique. As Krasic said its name lightly, a prideful expression appeared on his face.

Fei also sensed that Lkunta’s expression also changed after he heard the name [Heavenly Sword Three Strikes]. Not only Lkunta, the three most powerful people in the audience, Huntelaar, Costakarta, and Girano, were also surprised.

Of course, all these took place in a split second.

Most of the people were intrigued by the battle and didn’t notice these details.

“[Condemn from Heaven]? Hahaha, Condemn? Let me see how you can use Heavenly Sword Three Strikes to defeat me.” Lkunta stood on the head of the [Fire Destruction Bear] as he laughed.  In the next moment, the fire around him enveloped him and the bear, and there was one huge human-shaped fire that was more than 30 meters tall. With an insane heat, more fires swirled out in the air and soon surrounded Krasic as if they had their own lives.

However, Krasic looked calm as he held the Heavenly Sword in his hand. The sword that was two meters long greatly contrasted with his thin body, but this image somehow looked very powerful. With his right hand on the sword and pointing the sword at the direction of his opponent, Krasic tapped his index finger and ring finger on his left hand together and swiped the body of the sword. Instantly, four dashes of green warrior energy shot through the fire in front of him and into that human-shaped fire.


What was surprising was that these four dashes of green warrior energy passed through the fire easily and disappeared into afar like meteors.

It was obvious that these four dashes of energy didn’t hurt Lkunta and his bear. It seemed like the man and the bear was turned into fire magic elements, and they were immune to all physical damage.

“Hahaha, you disappointed me too much, Krasic! This is your [Condemn from Heaven]?” Lkunta’s arrogant laughter sounded within the fire, “If Heavenly Sword Three Strikes are like this, then I would be greatly disappointed.”

However, it seemed like everything was within Krasic’s control.

He suddenly flickered his right wrist, and a huge image that had the Heavenly Sword as its center appeared in the sky. Like a mystic magic array, numerous green energy swords appeared within it before anyone would react. Soon, the sky was filled with all these green energy swords, and it felt like these swords could destroy the sword.

Energies surged like tornadoes, and it felt like smoke appeared out of nowhere and covered the moonlight.

With his black hair fluttering in the air, Krasic raised his head and lightly stated with cold glares in his eyes, “Condemn from Heaven!”

Before he finished speaking, he slapped the body of Heavenly Sword with his right hand, and all the green energy swords were commanded to move. As they dashed through the sky and flew towards the human-shaped fire, the loud air-piercing noise sounded.

This time, the swords didn’t just pass by. Instead, they disappeared into the fire.

“Aaaaaa……” A series of angry shouts sounded, and the roar of the [Fire Destruction Bear] was even clearer. It was obvious that Lkunta was in trouble.

At this moment, a green light flashed by as Krasic turned into one dash of light with his sword and followed all the other green energy swords. In a split second, Heavenly Sword actually pierced into the fire.

“Ah! No!” Another shout sounded.

Lkunta was immune to physical damage, and he overestimated himself. As a result, Krasic’s swords easily injured him.

However, Lkunta’s reaction speed was fast.

As he shouted, the blood-red fire grew even more violently, and Heavenly Sword couldn’t enter the fire more after it traveled 20 centimeters into the fire. With his hands on the sword, Krasic’s body was parallel to the ground, and the green flames on him kept all the red flames that were trying to get to him one meter away.

In the next moment, the human-shaped fire looked more distinct as two arms made from fire appeared. Each of the arms was 10 meters long, and they struck at Krasic with a fast speed.

Just before the fire fists hit him, Krasic still looked calm. He lightly shouted and shook the sword in his hands. His body started to rotate rapidly, and Heavenly Sword was like a drill head. The terrifying energy waves dispersed to the surroundings, and audience members who were on the level of Four-Star couldn’t even stand still. They rolled around on the ground like water bottles in strong wind, and they grabbed onto trees and huge rocks to prevent themselves from being blown away.


A dash of light flashed by.

An even higher-pitched air-piercing noise sounded.

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