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Hail the King Chapter 353.1

Chapter 353: Battle on the Peak – Sudden Change (Part One)

The sudden change stunned everyone; they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The person who attacked Krasic was Huntelaar, the No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire.

This tough and tall ape-like swordsman already stood up from the stone chair, and his height of 2.3 meters gave people surrounding him a lot of pressure. The thin silver sword that had the width of a thumb and was 2 meters long was shaking with a rhythm, and a dash of silver light would shot into the sky every time after it shook.

“What are you doing?”

“Sh*t! How dare you get involved in the battle between the Martial Saints?”

“Ah! Mr. Krasic is injured!”

The shouts of the audience members sounded on the open field; no one expected Huntelaar, who was treated as an honorable guest of Zenit, to sneak attack the Martial Saint Krasic when the battle was about to be over.

This was something that was not permitted. Getting involved in the battle between two Martial Saints was like disdaining the honor and dignity of the warriors of Zenit. What Huntelaar did would start up another war – if this news got out, Zenit had to declare a war against the Jax Empire! On Azeroth Continent, no empire would do nothing when its Martial Saint was sneak attacked in a Martial Saint Battle by another warrior.

“Humph!” Cold sneer sounded in the sky. Krasic’s injured body that was shaking in the air suddenly stopped moving. With his hand on the Heavenly Sword, Krasic struck downward, and a green sword energy shot out of Heavenly Sword and chopped the 33 dashes of silver sword energies apart.

The green sword energy was still powerful, and it continued to dash at Huntelaar.

Huntelaar didn’t dare to take this strike head-on. He turned his waist, and his bulky body dodged this green sword energy swiftly. Then, he suddenly stepped onto the ground. After a booming noise, a deep hole appeared on the ground. In the next second, he already appeared three meters away from Krasic in the sky after an air-piercing noise.

The thin silver sword danced in his hand crazily.

The sword didn’t look like a sword; it was more like a silver whip.

As more air-piercing noises sounded, the blade of the sword traveled in strange trajectories as it struck at Krasic. In one second, Huntelaar already struck out 100 times.

Krasic looked pale. With his left hand covering the wound on his right chest and his right hand on Heavenly Sword, his body moved around his sword rapidly. Every time he moved, Heavenly Sword would block one strike from Huntelaar like a shield.

As this took place, sparks appeared in the dark night like a firework.

“Ahahaha, Krasic! I told you that you are going to die today!”

Martial Saint of Spartax, Lkunta, who was still a little bit terrified by [Forgiveness from Heaven], suddenly laughed loudly. As he looked at the blood rain made from [Fire Destruction Bear]’s body, the smile on Lkunta’s face got vicious. As fires started to appear from the fleshes and the bones of the level 10 Demon Beast, Lkunta glanced at the viewing area and suddenly shouted, “Move!”

Before he could finish his word, changes occurred.

Costakarta, who was sitting still on the stone chair, suddenly stood up. His dark red metal armor made a series of metal-colliding noises as metal plates on it hit each other, and it sounded like tens of thousands of soldiers had appeared on this central sword peak. A terrifying murderous spirit appeared on the peak, and this was the unique murderous spirit this famous general had after numerous years of experience in battles and wars.  Just like [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin, their murderous spirits weren’t something that normal warrior can rival against.


Costakarta drew out the blade from the scabbard on his waist and struck out. Instantly, a huge red blade energy that was more than 50 meters along appeared in the sky.

This was a blade energy filled with the unique murderous spirit from the battleground, and its target was the Martial Saint of Zenit, Krasic, who was still not at a disadvantage when facing the current two enemies.


Krasic couldn’t dodge it with two enemies around him, and his body was knocked away by 50 meters after he took this strike head-on.

No one expected this quiet and yet trustworthy famous elderly general would do something like this; he had dropped and abandoned all the honor and glory he was living up to all these years as a famous general and attacked a Martial Saint who was still in a Martial Saint Battle…… When he did that, his hand that was holding his blade didn’t even shake; he was very decisive and firm.

“You…… Fu*k! Die!”

At this moment, Fei had woken up from the huge shock. He was no longer worried about hiding his strength, and he grabbed onto the thin air. His dual blades [Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge] and [Bul-Kathos’ Tribal Guardian] appeared in his hands, and he instantly used the skill [Leap Attack] and turned into a rapid bladestorm.

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