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Hail the King Chapter 353.2

Chapter 353: Battle on the Peak – Sudden Change (Part Two)

The green and red energies felt like they were about to tear the space apart, and the two blades struck at Costakarta like two roaring dragons.

“Back off!” The four black-armored guards behind Costakarta drew their weapons and struck at Fei, and four dark red energy flames dashed at Fei.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

After a series of metal-colliding noises, the four blades in the four guards’ hands were turned into halves. The green and red lights flashed by, and three heads flew into the air.

These guards were too weak in front of Fei who was in a state of fury. After one strike, three guards were turned into corpses. Only the female warrior who was a bit more powerful survived. She survived didn’t because of her power; Costakarta was closest to her, and he was able to protect her at that moment.

After one strike, Fei got even closer to them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three blue lights flashed by.

Elena, who was standing far away, pulled on her bow and shot her arrows. With the temperature in the area dropping dramatically, three magic arrows dashed by Fei’s ears and hair and targeted Costakarta’s vitals spots such as the heart and the throat mercilessly.

After spending a lot of time together in Diablo World killing monsters, Fei and Elena knew what each other was thinking about by just looking at the situation. With the perfect coordination, Fei’s two swords stabbed at Costakarta’s heart as Elena’s arrows arriving at the same time.

The famous elderly general of the Eindhoven Empire wasn’t scared at all. With no expression change, he waved his blade and chopped away the three arrows. However, chilly energy got onto his blade, and even his arm was being covered by the blue frost energy.


Costakarta frowned; he was very surprised by Elena’s arrows as he didn’t expect them to contain such strange energies. Although his right arm was frozen, he reacted fast. He quickly grabbed the blade of the female warrior who he just saved, and he used it to block Fei’s dual swords confidently.


The terrifying energy wave dispersed to the area. Costakarta couldn’t stand still, and he quickly took a few steps back. At the same time, Fei felt weak as he was hit by the repulsive force from this collision, and he took two steps back as well.

“This old b-----d is also a Moon-Class Elite?”

Fei instantly detected the level of his opponent.

Although he was surprised by the strength of this general, he was more battle-hunger as he was really worried about Krasic. He looked at Krasic who was fighting two enemies at the same time with calmness, and he knew that Krasic would be fine as long as he was able to hold back Costakarta himself.

As Fei turned around and was about to tell Cech and other masters from the affiliated kingdoms to back off before they were injured by this level of chaos, his eyes suddenly landed on the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire, Girano.

With the servings from the four beautiful maids, this handsome and promiscuous man was looking at the battle in the air with a weird smile on his face.

“There are representatives from three empires here, and both Huntelaar and Costakarta attacked. Who knows if this man would make his move as well?”

Fei suddenly thought about this, and he was even more shocked.

As he thought about that, the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire finished the wine in his golden cup. Afterward, he threw the wine cup on the ground and grabbed onto the black wand that was in front of him. A series of mysterious chants sounded from his mouth, and golden magic runes appeared in the air and circled around him. With the terrifying pressure of the magic runes, people around him started to have a hard time breathing.

“Damn! He is going to attack!”

Fei got anxious. From the surging magic elements, he could tell that this Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire was almost on the level of Moon-Class.

The spell this man was preparing was definitely on the level of Forbidden Spell, and no one knew what it could do to the current situation. Although Krasic was powerful, he was injured, he was fighting two powerful warriors at the same time, and he was short on warrior energy as he spent a lot of it on [Heavenly Sword Three Strikes].

“How did this happen? Since these envoy groups from these three empires are permitted to come, why would they try to kill Krasic at the same time?”

“What is going on?”


All these questions appeared in Fei’s head, but these questions all turned into one thought after 0.01 second – “I have to stop Girano from chanting and block this spell!”

Before Fei could do anything, someone else did that for him.

Purple energy flames appeared, and a thin purple blade that was as thin as the wings of a bee struck at the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire who was chanting the magic spell.

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