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Hail the King Chapter 354.1

Chapter 354: Battle on the Peak – Impossible (Part One)

The person who attacked was the female guard of Tanasha, Ziene.

As she shouted, her strangely-shaped purple blade struck at the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire who was chanting. With the purple energy flame on the blade, it seemed like Ziene‘s strike got onto the level of peak Six-Star.

The blade was merciless.

Theoretically, mages were weak in terms of close-range combat. This kind of strike from Ziene should be able to at least interrupt the chanting process even if she couldn’t injure him.

However –


When the blade was 3 meters away from this handsome man, its speed slowed down as if a dashing horse ran into a swamp. The blade shivered as it continued forward for another meter. After that, it couldn’t move forward anymore didn’t matter how hard Ziene tried.

The Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire wasn’t affected by this at all. Mysterious yet powerful chants continued to flow out of his mouth.

The situation was dangerous.

Cold glares appeared in Ziene’s eyes. She suddenly shook her head and open her mouth to bit on her purple ponytail with her pearl-white teeth, and she looked valiant as ever. After she placed her other hand on the handle of the blade, a stronger purple flame appeared. A powerful aura appeared on her as the purple blade thrust forward.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The purple blade struck out more than 100 times in a few seconds, and they were all targeting the vital spots on Girano’s body. However, with the protection of a powerful magic shield, the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire was still chanting and was still not interrupted as the purple blade couldn’t get through.

“Let me try!” Fei leaped into the air as he saw this, and he struck at Girano with his dual blades with power.

“I have to interrupt him!” Fei knew Girano was preparing a terrifying magic spell by just looking at the golden magic runes that continued to appear under Girano’s feet. Once his spell was completed, Krasic would be a serious danger.


A dash of red blade energy hit Fei’s blades and stopped his charge.

It was the elderly general of Eindhoven Empire, Costakarta.

As an experienced general, he knew that Krasic was not in a disadvantage when facing off two opponents, and he knew that he couldn’t help the situation too much if he joined the fight as well. The key turning point was the magic spell Girano was preparing. If the magic spell was completed, there would be a good chance that Lkunta, Huntelaar, and himself could kill Krasic and escape before the other top-tier warriors of Zenit gets here.

Out of everyone, Fei was the only person who was able to threaten Girano.

Therefore, Costakarta had to stop him.

In the ferocious and deadly battle, the bloody-red blade energy and the green and red sword energies colliding in the air and sometimes cracked the peak. When facing Fei who was unleashing his full power under rage, Costakarta who was a Moon-Class Elite couldn’t do much.

“Protect the Elder Princess!”

“Protect the Second Prince!”

The viewing area was in chaos, and the nobles who were on the sides of the Arshavin and Dominguez all shouted as they surrounded the two key figures. The battles happening around them got to their climaxes, and the warriors in the battles couldn’t precisely control their power anymore. Any leakage of power could instantly kill; a few unlucky noblemen were turned into blood mists after they were hit by some sword and blade energies.

“Don’t worry about me! Help the king of Chambord to kill Costakarta.” Tanasha pushed away the warrior in front of her as she commanded.

Although the situation was very chaotic as the powerful guests made their moves, [Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence] Tanasha was extremely calm, and she ordered her guards who were circling around her to kill the general of the Eindhoven Empire. Perhaps it was due to her anger, her naturally pale face looked red, and it looked very special.

“Chop them into meat paste!” Paris ordered the guards around her as well.

The people this Demonic Woman was pointing were the warriors from Spartax as well as the four muscular men who came with Huntelaar. After hearing her command, the master warriors who were on the side of Dominguez didn’t dare to hesitate, and they all charged at these enemies.

Death battles took place on the central sword peak.

Although they were opponents, both Tanasha and Paris were extremely intelligent and made orders that assisted and complimented the other person’s order in a second. It was in this second when they looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes. The surprise wasn’t from the sudden change. Rather, they both glanced at Fei subconsciously after they gave the orders, and they were shocked to find that the king of Chambord was able to battle Costakarta who was a long-time Moon-Class Elite!

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