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Hail the King Chapter 354.2

Chapter 354: Battle on the Peak – Impossible (Part Two)

Among warriors of Zenit who charged at the enemies, there was the Second Prince Dominguez.

There was blood on the blade of his sword, and his shoulder was pierced by a sword as well. Using the injury-for-injury mentality, this handsome prince of Zenit killed a warrior of Spartax himself.

Warriors of Zenit beside him saw this, and they quickly protected the prince as they felt terrified. They were scared that this prince who was tied to half of the political forces and big families at Zenit would be killed here, and they also knew what this prince did boosted the morale of Zenit.

Although everyone knew that there were four Moon-Class Elites on the side of the enemy and these Moon-Class Elites could kill everyone on the peak in a few seconds, no one backed off. At this moment, even the noblemen charged at the enemies bravely.

All that was happening was a shame to Zenit.

An unbearable mockery.

The Martial Saint of Zenit was being sneak attacked by the people who they treated as guests!

There were ill-intended guests who were trying to kill the Martial Saint Krasic! If Krasic did die today, the entire empire would be forever shamed! Zenit would be a laughingstock of Azeroth Continent!

Having the Martial Saint killed was equal to having the empire conquered.

If they could trade their lives for a moment of hesitation of the enemies, everyone on the peak was willing to do so.

Even if they all died on the peak, no one would regret their decisions.

The honor of the empire and the glory of the group made all the warriors and citizens of Zenit battle-hungry as their blood boiled.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Bam! Bam! Bam!



“Ahaha, it is worth it! I traded my life with your life……”

Blood spilled everywhere, and limbs were chopped off as cold lights flashed. A dozen bodies were turned into corpses…… Under the ferocious attack of the warriors of Zenit, all the warriors of Spartax were killed, and the four guards of the No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire were chopped into meat paste as well.

On the side of Zenit, four warriors died, and five warriors were critically injured.

While others were taking on weaker opponents, the warriors of Chambord were helping Ziene in attacking the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire. The four beautiful maids of Girano stood around their master, and they formed a unique four-pointed star magic array with wands in their hands. The magic array created four light walls, and the walls protected Girano and themselves perfectly.

Although they were injured as blood slid down their lips, their expressions were firm as they protected their masters like Valkyries.

Under the bright energy flames and lights, the four beautiful yet pale faces made people feel pity towards them.

However, the warriors of Chambord didn’t hesitate. Under the command of [Destructive Finger] Cech, they all used their ultimate techniques and attacked the light walls.

The light walls shook, and more blood dripped down the four beauties’ lips. Their beautiful bodies shivered, and it was clear that they couldn’t last any longer.

As the magic array was about to be cracked –

“Magic elements …… Spatial Cracks…… Please release your thunder-like rage and punish the enemies! [Spatial Chain Swamp]!”

Girano raised his wand and finally finished his complex and powerful spell. Numerous golden magic runes in the air flashed and formed into numerous golden chains. They circled around Girano and made him look like a golden statue, and a powerful energy surge exploded after Girano waved his wand. All the warriors of Chambord and Ziene were knocked away……

The golden chains in the air looked like a huge net, and they flew towards the three warriors who were battling in the sky.

“Damn! He finished it!”

“It is over! Fu*k!”

“That Moon-Class Elite Mage from the St. Germain Empire used five minutes to finish the spell! It must be powerful! Mr. Krasic is in trouble!”

All the citizens of Chambord were terrified. Their hearts sunk after the Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire finished the spell. “What can save the situation? 1 V 4? Even if Mr. Krasic is powerful, he couldn’t pull it off……”

Fei’s eyes were so wide open that the skins at the corners of his eyes were torn a little. He roared as he forced Costakarta off. He then jumped into the air and wanted to block this magic spell with his own body. At the same time, he was ready to use a ton of experience points to summon the Lord of Destruction, Diablo, to this world to block this spell as well……

Something unimaginable happened.

As a light smile appeared on Tanasha’s face, the golden chains made of the magic runes separated into two groups and enveloped Lkunta and Huntelaar as they shouted in anger and fear.

“What is going on?”

“The terrifying spell that Girano prepared for five minutes is targeting Lkunta and Huntelaar?”

No one expected this!

This handsome Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire was on the side of Zenit? Everyone was shocked, including Costakarta who was fighting with Fei. As he stood a lot of steps back, his lips twitched as he couldn’t believe his eyes.

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