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Hail the King Chapter 355.1

Chapter 355: Battle on the Peak – All Together (Part One)

At this shocking moment, there was only one person who was calm except Tanasha. After all, it felt like Tanasha knew this was going to happen.

This person was Martial Saint Krasic.

“Second Strike – [Punishment from Heaven]!”

After seeing Lkunta and Huntelaar both being enveloped by the golden magic runes, Krasic made the most correct decision. With both of his hands on Heavenly Sword, he raised it over his head and injected his warrior energy into it. After a green light flashed by, a huge circular pattern appeared in the air, and a huge green sword that was 100 meters long appeared from it.

With green lights around him, Krasic slowly struck down the Heavenly Sword. The green energy sword that was 100 meters long also tiled forward as Krasic moved. Although it looked very slow, it was actually so fast that people couldn’t grasp it. With might, it hit Lkunta and Huntelaar who were both captured by the golden magic runes.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosion noises sounded as the golden magic runes were disrupted. The magic elements that made up these runes were pushed into each other, and they set off a series of explosions.

However, that huge green energy sword struck through the explosion and landed on the peak. As the mountain shook violently, that huge stone pillar was struck into pieces, and huge pieces of stones fell into the viewing area.

Clouds of dust instantly blocked everyone’s vision.

When the dust finally settled, everyone saw what happened.

Blood was still flowing down Krasic’s body. The injury caused by Huntelaar’s sneak attack was the most severe; ribs were visible, and the edges of the heart were vaguely visible as well through the huge bowl-sized wound. In terms of Heavenly Sword, it stood quietly beside Krasic like an old friend.

Although Krasic’s face was pale and he had blood all over his body, Fei sensed that Krasic’s breathing returned to normal. That calmed Fei down a lot.

Martial Saint Lkunta got one of his arm chopped off from the shoulder, and blood was spurting out of the wound like a fountain. Although the red energy flame was flashing on the wound and wanted to seal it up, he no longer had his Level 10 Demon Beast and couldn’t transfer the injury to it. His yellow face looked black, and he was in so much pain that his body twitched and shivered!

The No.1 Swordsman from the Jax Empire got his sword destroyed; the long silver sword only had about half a meter left. In addition, there was a terrifying wound that was about half a meter long from his shoulder to his stomach. There were also wounds on other areas of his body, and blood flowed out rapidly as well.

With the help of Spatial Magic [Spatial Chain Swamp] from Girano, Krasic’s [Punishment from Heaven] completely struck on these two Moon-Class Elites, and this strike took away more than half of their combat abilities. This Martial Saint of Zenit was really good at grasping the opportunities, and he was able to turn the situation around perfect.

“You are on the side of Zenit?” Lkunta stared at Girano with hatred as he shouted angrily like an injured animal in a trap, “Do you know what you are doing? Zenit’s fate was already decided at the Meeting of the Seven Empires! What you are doing is equal to tying St. Germain Empire onto the sinking ship named Zenit!”

Girano only curled his lips after he heard that.

This Crown Prince didn’t even look at the Martial Saint of Spartax. Instead, he looked at his four beautiful maids who looked pale, and he waved his black magic wand. A blue magic sphere enveloped the four maids, and their faces instantly got less pale as their breathing got calmer.

Fei was a little surprised.

He didn’t expect the promiscuous Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire was a Moon-Class Elite Mage who mastered both Spatial and Water-elemental magic spells. Also, he didn’t expect the four beautiful maids of Girano who looked like decorative pieces to be mages who had Four-Star and Five-Star strengths. After seeing how these four maids risked their lives to protect Girano and how Girano used a lot of his magic energy to help his four maids heal up when there were still powerful enemies around, Fei felt like the relationship between the five people couldn’t be simply explained by the word “promiscuous”.

At this point, Fei vaguely felt like he was inside a chained trap set up by the people on higher-levels.

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  1. Nobody

    Is he *always* in a chained trap?

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    meeting of the 7 empires? new enemies introduced

  3. Whatever, kill them now!

  4. Hm you know what, I have been thinking if the Emperor really is dying or if it is playing pig to ge the tiger? I just assumed that he for some reason knew they wanted this piece on land, or just to kill the Emperor. Something is up, I tell you all I can almost smell it

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