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Hail the King Chapter 355.2

Chapter 355: Battle on the Peak – All Together (Part Two)

Fei knew for sure that Girano’s identity was a huge secret, and this Crown Prince even got the trust of people like Lkunta and Costakarta. That was the only reason why Costakarta would help Girano to stop Fei. Ziene could either not know the identity of Girano or pretended to not know the identity of Girano, but Girano did put on a good show with the master warriors of Zenit who didn’t know what was really going on. The enemies completely trusted Girano, and they didn’t even defend against [Spatial Chain Swamp] at all. By using this crucial mistake of the enemies, Krasic was able to succeed.

Fei finally knew that this famous Martial Saints Battle was far more complicated than he thought.

This scene was extremely similar to what happened on the Peak of the East Mountain in Chambord, and this battle was the battle between many different empires. Different from how Fei was able to accidentally discover the truth and counter the scheme, this “chess game” was so high-leveled that even the king of Chambord was a non-important chess piece.

“General, you are a famous commander and are admired by a lot of people in many empires. Why would you ditch your honor and the glory of a soldier to participate in the dirty scheme of the Spartax?” With the protection of her guards, the Elder Prince slowly walked out and asked the Famous General Costakarta.

A bit of shame flashed through this elderly generals’ eyes, but it quickly disappeared. The hand that was holding onto the blade got firmer, and he replied with an emotionless expression, “To an old soldier, admiration for the enemies is not needed. I only hope that the citizens of the Eindhoven Empire remember my honor and glory.”

Currently, Costakarta was the only Moon-Class Elite on the side of the enemy who kept his combat ability. He walked towards Lkunta and Huntelaar in extreme calmness and stood in front of them. He then waved his hand, and a blade of a dead person flew into his hand. With two blades in his hands, he pointed them at the ground as the murderous spirit of an experienced general was fully unleashed. He looked battle-hungry.

“Too bad your plan failed. No one will remember the honor and glory of a conspirator who dared to destroy the fairness in a Martial Saints Battle.”

Paris sneered as she walked up and stood beside Tanasha. With anger in her eyes, she mocked, “Do you think Zenit doesn’t know about the so-called Meeting of the Seven Empires? That is only a dumb joke! It is just a few arrogant idiots digging their own graves!”

Her first sentence was correct.

In terms of strength, Krasic was injured severely, and Girano used a lot of his magic energy even though he wasn’t injured. Although it was hard to determine the result if they had to fight with the three Moon-Class Elites on the enemy’s side since two enemies were injured as well,  they were at a small disadvantage. However, Zenit still had a lot of Star-level warriors. Except for a few who died in previous battles and the 10 people from the Holy Church who were strangely quiet, these Star-level warriors gave Zenit the numbers advantage. With Fei who was able to fight against Costakarta, Zenit had an advantage overall.

All the strange noises coming from the central sword peak must have attracted the attention of more master warriors of Zenit, and people on the enemy’s side would definitely be killed when these reinforcements arrive.

Fei quietly got close to Krasic and handed a bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] to this Martial Saint.

However, Krasic didn’t take it. Rather, he just turned around and looked at Fei quietly. At this moment, Fei felt an indescribable illusion as if this fatherly figure of his was trying to tell him something. Fei was a little stunned. Just as he was about to try to convince Krasic to drink the potion, the Martial Saint of Zenit walked forward.

“You three, come at me all together. Also, you should probably make your appearance now, the friend that is hiding in the sky.” With Heavenly Sword in his hands, Krasic said heroically, “I will let you guys understand what Martial Saint of Zenit means!”

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    “Dont pity me Fei. I still got this, and I’ll take potion when needed?”

    Just wonderful turn of events on the mountain tops of Zenit/Azeroth.

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