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Hail the King Chapter 356.1

Chapter 356: Battle on the Peak – Kill All (Part One)

Before Krasic could finish his sentence, he already struck Heavenly Sword at the sky. As everyone was surprised by Krasic’s words, a green sword energy dashed into a dark cloud. As the ear-piercing noise resonated in the sky, it felt like this sword energy had left a dark wound in space.


A dash of red flame collided with the green sword energy, and a huge energy wave dispersed into the surroundings. Soon, the red and green energies disappeared.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect you to find me!” A loud laughter sounded in the sky. However, Fei felt like this voice was a little shaky and was filled with a murderous spirit.

Another dash of red energy appeared with this laughter.

The fast speed of this energy created a series of sparks and smokes in the air, and it targeted Krasic who was standing quietly in the sky.

As if this strike triggered the power of the heaven and the earth, it made the people in the viewing area feel like a mountain was coming down at them despite the fact that none of them were targeted. With this huge pressure, a lot of bone crackling sounds appeared as if everyone was being crushed.

This presence…… Another Moon-Class Elite!

All the people on the side of Zenit were shocked, and a bit of surprise even appeared in Tanasha’s eyes…… the enemies got the reinforcement of another Moon-Class Elite?

In comparison, Zenit was now in an absolute disadvantage! Even though Zenit had the numbers advantage, this new Moon-Class Elite was enough to turn things around.

Fei frowned as a serious expression appeared on his face.

The king realized that he recognized the aura of this person; he could never forget about it!

This Moon-Class Elite was the mysterious assassin who went after Fei in the camp area.

This man forced Fei to run away like a dog, and Fei had to use a lot of experience points to summon the boss [Duriel] to block the damage for him. Only by using all of his abilities, Fei was able to hide away in Diablo World, and his Barbarian Character dropped from level 40 back to level 39 after a large number of experience points were used. After Fei escaped, this assassin was chased by Krasic who got there afterward, and this assassin was severely injured by Krasic in Moro Mountains.

Because this powerful assassin left a spiritual seal in Fei’s body, Fei had to start training his spiritual power earnestly. Fei got to the [Huge Pit Battlefield] later by chance, he comprehended the [Fist Spiritual Spatial Seal] that only Moon-Class Elites could use, and he encountered Martial Saint Krasic and got those special training.

Both the techniques this assassin used in the assassination and the [Fist Spiritual Spatial Seal] this assassin left in the [Huge Pit Battlefield] allowed Fei to clearly remember his aura.

After all, that was the first time Fei was placed in such a deadly and tough situation on the Azeroth Continent.

“You lost to me once, now you are here to receive your death penalty?” Krasic sneered.

Without changing his expression, he made a hand sign with both of his hands and the huge Heavenly Sword that was about two meters long rotated in the air rapidly. The Martial Saint of Zenit used [Punishment from Heaven] again, and the huge green energy sword that was about 100 meters long appeared. It struck down, and the huge blade collided with the red energy that was coming down from the clouds. As the two strikes collided, the entire central sword peak started to shake.

“Ah! Impossible! No! Your power…… How did it get so strong suddenly?” That mysterious assassin’s voice suddenly sounded.

At the same time, Lkunta, Huntelaar, and Costakarta were all shocked as well.

They clearly sensed that this [Punishment from Heaven] was far more powerful than the same strike Krasic used before. Only Moon-Class Elites who were above the level of New Moon were able to dismantle that red energy, and it meant that Krasic was far more powerful than them at this moment.

Although they were shocked, their heads were clear; they knew that they couldn’t drag this on any longer. After they looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes, they gave up on the dignity of Moon-Class Elites and all started to strike at Krasic at the same time.

“Oh my god! Protect our Martial Saint!” Someone shouted.

“Protect the Martial Saint and help with the retreat! Let’s block them! Even if we die, we have to help the Martial Saint retreat safely!”

“Brothers of Zenit! Let’s fight them!”

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  1. BellCross

    what i don’t understand is fei not using his paladin buffs and heal on krasic.

    • Krasic probably too injured. Fei is only a Star-level Master, and Krasic is a Moon-Class Elite. The difference in power is probably too great.

      • There were other injured people on his side as well, so that would have boosted moral I think.
        But yeah I don’t think his paladin is more than, what, lvl 40? Probably not going to work, potions would though

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