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Hail the King Chapter 356.2

Chapter 356: Battle on the Peak – Kill All (Part Two)

This sudden change made all the star-level warriors of Zenit fall into a state of madness. Although they couldn’t even defend against the residual energy of the Moon-Class Elites, their honors and responsibilities as citizens of Zenit made them willing to die in Krasic’s place. Even the weak and timid nobles ditched the so-called temperament and charged at the enemies with their weapons like madmen.

Fei didn’t say anything.

With a bottle of [Health Potion] in his mouth, he used Barbarian Skill [Whirlwind] and dashed at the enemies’ like a tornado.

The situation was chaotic. Out of everyone, only the 10 people from the Holy Church were standing by the side and watching everything that was taking place calmly. It didn’t seem like they want to get involved at all.

The Crown Prince of the St. Germain Empire, Girano, lightly waved his wand with a serious expression, and surges of magic elements started to roar.


Before everyone on the side of Zenit was able to join the battle, a huge indefensible power appeared and repulse everyone away. This power wasn’t murderous, and it disappeared after it bounced everyone back. In the next moment, Krasic’s voice sounded, “Warriors of Zenit, stand aside! Remember the honor and glory of Zenit! On the central sword peak and under my Heavenly Sword, the Martial Saint of Zenit will make them stay here forever!”

This sentence was filled with great confidence and impeccable honor.

Although Krasic’s voice wasn’t empowered by his warrior energy and it wasn’t loud, it struck the soft part of all the citizens of Zenit’s heart. They felt like their blood was boiling, and they all sensed that powerful confidence and pride!

Fei’s mind was ignited by the domination Krasic showed at this moment.

This was the most dominating side of Krasic that Fei had ever seen.

As Fei wondered, he gradually realized that Krasic was the Martial Saint of a level 1 Empire despite his calm and low-profile appearance. Krasic was a powerful warrior who killed tens of thousands of people and created rivers of blood 26 years ago, Krasic was the Martial Saint of Zenit who was approved by the genius Emperor Yassin and resided on the Martial Saint Mountain for 26 years, and Krasic was a powerful warrior whose honor and dignity couldn’t be challenged!

When his empire needed him, this low-profile warrior would display his cruel and dominating presence.

He was a real warrior!

Compared with Krasic, Fei felt like his way of domination belonged to a bandit; it was rough and not stylish at all.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

When Fei was in an unprecedented shock, the battle got turned around in a second. Krasic’s power was fully unleashed, and it was beyond everyone’s imagination. Every single one of his moves was filled with the power of nature, and everyone single one of his attacks was able to knock away Costakarta who was in his prime state. It felt like Krasic had hidden some of his strength in the previous battle.

“Die!” Krasic chopped down with Heavenly Sword as he shouted.

The terrifying power tore the space apart, and both Huntelaar and Lkunta got knocked away. Although both of them puked up blood, Lkunta got more severely injured as a deep wound appeared on his neck.

He was already terrified; his opponent who suddenly let out an unprecedented power shocked him to the maximum.

“Why is Krasic so power? If this continues, none of us can leave here alive!”

“Brother Amauri! We are not his match! Retreat!”

After Lkunta got struck again, the violent green energy rushed inside his body. He was no longer able to suppress that green energy, and he shouted at the newly appeared Moon-Class Elite, who was that mysterious assassin, as blood spurted out of the wounds on his body.

“Hahahaha, none of you can leave here today!” As if he was another person, Krasic was no longer calm and composed. With domination, he chased after his enemies mercilessly and was going to kill all four Moon-Class Elites.

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  1. Leon

    Why did he reject the healing potion? Did he hv passive strength power up when he is low on hp like common berserker in game???

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