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Hail the King Chapter 357.1

Chapter 357: Battle on the Peak – End (1) (Part One)

The four Moon-Class Elites dashed away and were ready to escape. The sudden explosion of power from Krasic destroyed their confidence; they felt like they would be killed if they stayed here longer.

However, Krasic didn’t give them the chance.

After another hand sign, green dashes of sword energy chased after them like meteors.



Amauri and Costakarta both tried to defend against the sword energies, but they were blown away heavily by the terrifying power within the green sword energies. Like birds that got shot, the two of them fell from the sky and smashed onto the ground, creating clouds of dust.

At the same time, two huge rocks that weighed 1000 pounds each were hit by the body of Heavenly Sword and flew towards Lkunta and Huntelaar who were escaping in another direction.



The two Moon-Class Elites sensed the approaching danger, and their faces changed color. They knew that Krasic was trying to kill them with this strike, and they quickly turned around to block the rocks.


A palm with a red energy flame and a sword with a silver energy flame collided with the rocks. As the booming noise sounded, the two rocks exploded into pieces. Like a fancy firework, the chipped rocks, clouds of dust, and colorful energy flames flew in all directions.

At this moment, two green sword energies dashed through the clouds of dust at an insane speed and pierced through the body of Lkunta and Huntelaar. Two flowers made from blood blossomed in the sky.



After two noises sounded, the two Moon-Class Elites also fell down from the sky like two kites that were cut off from the kite lines.

“Ahahahahaha……” Krasic laughed heroically with the sword in his hand.

The Martial Saint of Zenit looked like a Demon Deity!

He was no longer quiet and composed. Instead, he looked haughty and dominating. As his powerful aura expanded more and more outward, his long and thick hair fluttered in the wind crazily. His face was completely covered by his hair, and only his eyes that were filled with chilliness and murderous spirits could be seen.

“Die!” The Martial Saint of Zenit shouted as he raised Heavenly Sword.

This sneer made the four Moon-Class Elites shiver as if they were electrocuted.

They were all severely injured; their combat abilities dropped dramatically, and the pain had numbed their nerves, slowing down their reaction speed.

Before they could do anything, Krasic had instantly appeared in front of Lkunta with the green energy flame, and Heavenly Sword slashed down mercilessly.


One head flew into the sky.

There was a shocking expression on the face as if Lkunta still couldn’t believe what was happening the moment he was killed.

Before this battle, he thought this was a carefully planned Martial Saint Battle that could shock the continent and he was the protagonist. He didn’t think that his role would change so drastically at the last moment, turning from the protagonist to a dead man!


Lkunta’s headless corpse fell onto the ground, and the broken corpse sent some specks of dust into the air as its last bit of effort.

A Moon-Class Elite died like that!

A Martial Saint of a level 1 empire died!

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  1. OG

    Thank you for the chapt.
    For a sec I thought fei struck them like kites.
    Of course zenit will live this out….
    I am prepared for the scolding from krastic.

  2. Perhaps he is burning his life to become stronger perhaps?

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