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Hail the King Chapter 358.1

Chapter 358: Battle on the Peak – End (2) (Part One)

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A few surprised shouts also sounded as a few figures fells down alongside the corpses of the Griffins. Some people on the Griffins fell from the sky in a controlled manner, and the only people who had this level of strength were Moon-Class Elites like Huntelaar. They managed to escape into darkness, but they were still inside St. Petersburg.

At this moment, no one paid attention to them; all of the attention was on the golden dragons that flew out of the Royal Palace. That majestic presence and the terrifying power shocked all the warriors of Zenit; some weaker warriors were all forced to kneel on the ground.

That dominating presence made all the warriors of Zenit wanting to worship it.

When most people woke up from the shock, the golden dragons already turned into golden light dots that were dispersing into the air like fireflies. Soon, everything disappeared, it felt like everyone was in a dream. However, that dominating presence was still in the air despite the fact that the golden dragons disappeared.

“That is…… [Dragon Fist]?” Someone murmured so lightly that it felt like he was talking in his sleep.

Fei was shocked! He turned around and looked at the direction of the voice. It was the eldest person in the Holy Church’s group. On his wrinkly face, the shock couldn’t be hidden. In fact, there was a slight sense of respect and fear.

Dragon Fist!

Dragon Fist!!

Dragon Fist!!!

These two words brought everyone a lot of shocks. It was more shocking than the golden dragons in the sky.

Everyone knew what these two words meant! Everyone knew who these two words represented!

It was an unparalleled legend! That was a miracle and the legend of a lord!

Emperor Yassin!

For the last 26 years, Yassin who created and mastered Sub-Sun-Class Combat Technique  [Dragon Fist] was the pride of the Zenit Empire and the nightmare of the Spartax Empire.

For the last while, the news about the illness and the potential downfall of Emperor Yassin was spreading around the region, and his lack of appearance during the affiliated kingdom competition seemed to have proved this rumor.

However, [Dragon Fist] showed its fangs!

What did this represent?

Emperor Yassin wasn’t as ill as people had been talking about?

It felt like Krasic couldn’t even defend against the power and the domination contained in the golden dragons…… How could an ill and dying person achieve something like this?

Almost all the warriors of Zenit wanted to roar and express their emotions.

“Emperor Yassin is fine!” This news was very exciting for everyone at the central sword peak. If Emperor Yassin was fine, the Zenit Empire would never have been invaded.

This emperor was able to protect and stabilize the empire with only his fists.

No one could challenge the majesty of Emperor Yassin, just like how no one could defend against [Dragon Fist].

Everyone believed that the Spartax Empire would immediately order their troops to retreat as soon as the news about Emperor Yassin’s healthy condition got out!

“Puff…… !!!”

Just as everyone was still mesmerized by the magnificence of [Dragon Fist], a sudden change occurred.

A blood spurting noise sounded, and Fei immediately froze after he looked at the direction of the noise. Krasic’s body started to shake as blood sprayed out of his mouth like a fountain, and blood also spurted out of the deep wound caused by Huntelaar on his right chest.

“Elder!” Fei rushed over and held onto Krasic who was about to fall down.

At this moment, Krasic was completely covered in blood.

Fei discovered something terrifying! It seemed like blood was leaking out of every pore on Krasic’s body! This was the symptom of a heavy injury as all the bones and fleshes in Krasic’s body were crushed by a huge pressure. Fei’s mind went blank! Krasic was way more injured than it seemed.

“Ah, Mr. Martial Saint!”

“Mr. Krasic…… You…… you are injured?”

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  1. SaDDisT

    That last line though. ARE YOU IDIOT???? He just puked out blood, fought with 4 enemy if the same rank and you’re asking him if he is injured!?!?!?


      People puked out blood to recover from sickness, who knows whether this old man is healthier or sicker now.

  2. OG

    Well time to force feed him the potion.

    Thanks for chapts

  3. I guess he will say something like he was already to injured for the potion.
    Perhaps he was underestimating what a whole bunch fof bottles would do

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