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Hail the King Chapter 358.2

Chapter 358: Battle on the Peak – End (2) (Part Two)

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All the warriors of Zenit shouted and gasped. None of them expected that Krasic who killed Lkunta and chased away the other three Moon-Class Elites was so severely injured. They all wanted to rush over to help.

At this moment –

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

30 to 40 people jumped in front of them from nowhere and blocked their paths. These men were all wearing brown robes and carried long swords on their backs. With solemn expressions on their faces, they all circled around Krasic. The leading person was very young, and he wasn’t handsome. However, his shiny eyes and sharp eyebrows made him look very special. He looked a little haughty and lonely like [One Sword], but he was a lot warmer and friendly.

“Misters and Misses, please stop here.” This man was very polite, but he stopped everyone from moving up.

Although the people were worried about the Martial Saint of Zenit and his injuries, they listened and moved to aside.

It was clear that these people who just appeared were all from the Martial Saint Mountain. In other words, they were all probably Krasic’s disciples. Although these people had no official positions, they couldn’t be looked down at. On Martial Saint Mountain, even a servant couldn’t be underestimated.

All the warriors from Martial Saint Mountain circled around Krasic and blocked everyone. However, they didn’t stop Fei. Rather, it felt like they respected Fei greatly as they looked at him with admiration. With great understanding and coordination, these people blocked other people’s vision and even somehow blocked all the sounds coming from Krasic and Fei.

“Ah, life is like a dream…… 10,000 years is too long, I only want to fight for today and tomorrow!”

After Girano chugged the wine in the golden cup, he sighed as he hugged onto the four maids. After a surge of magic energy, these five people disappeared. Girano was the only Moon-Class Elite who kept his strength, and he was able to come and leave with ease.

“Why can he stay beside Mr. Martial Saint?” among the people, the Fourth Prince Chrystal pointed at Fei and asked with resentment.

No one answered him.

The warriors from the Martial Saint Mountain didn’t even look at Chrystal as they completely ignored him, and a disdainful smile appeared on that leading young man’s face.

“Let’s go!” Elder Princess Tanasha said as she looked at Krasic and Fei who were both behind all these warriors from Martial Saint Mountain. She waved her hand and left with Ziene and her supporters who were still looking at Fei.

“Let’s go as well,” the Second Prince Dominguez and Paris looked at each other and left with their supporters.

Observant people clearly found that some master warriors from the affiliated kingdoms already took a stance. Some of them left with Tanasha, and some of them left with Dominguez and Paris.


Fei was holding onto Krasic tightly. The aura of this Martial Saint was weakening by the second, and Fei could even clearly sense how the strong vitality of a Moon-Class Elite was quickly leaking out of Krasic’s body like water in a bottomless bottle; it was very cruel.

Fei took out a bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] from his storage space and he poured it into Krasic’s mouth despite the fact that Krasic was trying to stop him; Krasic was too weak to actually stop Fei.

However, the effect of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] wasn’t as good as Fei expected.

Even though a Moon-Class Elite was powerful and a bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] couldn’t heal all injuries, it should at least stop the bleeding. Strangely enough, it felt like this potion was useless; life energy was still escaping from Krasic’s body at a fast speed.

“Cough…… Don’t waste such a precious potion. My injuries…… even the gods couldn’t heal me……” Krasic coughed as he shook his head, “My heart…… heart……”

Krasic stated a fact that made Fei’s mind go blank.

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  1. SaDDisT

    Paladin’s class time to shine?

    • Neul

      Is it even more powerful than a full rejuvenation potion?

      • Alfonso

        I bet it’s some kind of curse…..that fei can dispell

    • OG

      Yea at least turn on some mood lighting if he is gonna die?!

      I am not sure that auras/chants have the right buffs for Azeroth heart break.

      Will Fri be the next Martial?
      See you tomorrow.

  2. Leon

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    • noodletowntranslated

      lol yeah, u would be surprised to know how many pirate sites are out there, especially when the legit version from us is already free so I really don’t get the point.
      Just wuxiaworld-copycats alone, there are wuxia-world.com, wuxiaworld.in, and wuxiaworld.co


        Speaking of wuxiaworld, it is just an unstable website for me, often times pages goes not responding or redirect me to some other irrelevant website.

        There was a period of time where I actually have to read from a pirate site. I think it was back when someone was translating Womanizing Mage on his own website. It was like he was consistently late in paying his web bills, as whenever I wanted to read, the website would be offline. I hadn’t ran into any more special cases after that.

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