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Hail the King Chapter 359.1

Chapter 359: Battle on the Peak – Flying Dust (Part One)

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Krasic was very special as his heart was located on the right side of his chest. Therefore, his heart was actually destroyed by Huntelaar’s sneak attack already.

Even though a Moon-Class Elite was powerful, he or she would die if they lost their hearts.

Then, Fei quickly discovered why Krasic was able to unleash so much power and defeat the four Moon-Class Elites after his heart got destroyed – there were four spikes made from green magic crystals that deeply penetrated Krasic’s thin body.

“Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique?”

Fei was deeply saddened.

[Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique] was a forbidden technique that genius Emperor Yassin created. Fei read about this technique as it was written in one of the notes written by Yassin that Krasic brought him, and he clearly knew the requirements and consequences of using a technique like this.

This forbidden technique would use a self-destructive method to stimulate the four main energy channels inside one’s body, and that would allow the person to use warrior energy that was several times more powerful than his or her own. However, the consequences were huge. Even a person who wasn’t injured couldn’t even live pass one hour after using the technique.

“So this is how Krasic suddenly got so powerful and defeated the four Moon-Class Elites on his own…… He used his last bit of life energy to cast [Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique], and he used his life to protect the dignity of the empire. Even if Krasic isn’t as injured, he couldn’t live more than one hour……” Fei was moved.

He felt very hopeless and powerless.

He hadn’t felt this powerless ever since he came to Azeroth Continent. He thought he had Diablo World and he was able to manage everything. That was very close to the truth as most of the dangers he faced were completely resolved by him. Even when he was being assassinated by Amauri who was a Moon-Class Elite, he was able to escape. But this time……

Fei recalled all his techniques and items. [Health Potion], [Mana Potion], [Full Rejuvenation Potion], [Hulk Potion], [Fake Death Potion], [Town Portal Scroll], [Identification Scroll] …… it seemed like he didn’t have anything that could revive a dead person.

He did remember that mercenaries were able to be revived in the actual Diablo Game if they were killed, but Fei had never tried it in Diablo World and didn’t know how to trigger and use this Resurrection System.

“I have to give it a try, I have to find the Resurrection System in Diablo World. I must…… I must……” As if he was crazy, he murmured to himself quickly as sweat dripped down from his head. He cared too much, and that was why his thoughts were all over the place. He was trying to find a way to save Krasic, and he was going to open a portal to Diablo World and ask Akara and Cain for help.

At this moment, it seemed like Krasic suddenly got well. His eyes got shiny again, and the wounds stopped bleeding. He sat up, and a smile appeared on his serious face as if he thought of something beautiful. He looked at the bright stars in the nightly sky and murmured, “Have two bottles of wine during troubled times and meet up for a game of chess……” (Chinese poem)

“Elder, your injuries……” Fei was worried about Krasic’s condition, and he interrupted Krasic who was thinking back to something.

Krasic lowered his head and looked at Fei as he said, “You read about [Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique] before, and I’m sure you know the consequences,” the smile was still on his face, and it felt like he was relieved from a huge burden.

Fei nodded as he felt like crying.

“My mission…… is accomplished……” Krasic stood up. Although he staggered a little, his back was straight. He slowly walked forward and signaled Fei to follow up. He said, “I know you have a lot of questions, but I don’t have much time to explain everything to you.”

“I may be able to heal you, I……” Fei was really anxious. He was no longer the king who was dominating and looked like he had everything under his control; at this moment, he looked like a helpless child in front of Krasic.

Krasic shook his head and rejected Fei’s offer.

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