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Hail the King Chapter 359.2

Chapter 359: Battle on the Peak – Flying Dust (Part Two)

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After seeing Krasic stagger again, Fei quickly walked up and held onto Krasic’s shoulders. Krasic tried to get away, but he was too weak to do so. After a short moment of pause, he sighed and said, “I didn’t think that I, Krasic, would be propped up by people twice in my 40-year life.”

The two of them traveled very slow, but the top of the central sword peak wasn’t that big. They arrived at the edge of the cliff in a few moments.

The mountain wind blew, and the chilly air made Fei feel very lonely and sad. Krasic’s long hair fluttered in the wind, and he was no longer dominating nor overbearing like he was a moment ago. He no longer looked like a Martial Saint but an ordinary elder on the street. When the cold wind blew on him, Fei could even tell that the thin body was shaking.

This discovery made Fei even sadder. It was so painful that it made Fei feel like his own parents were dying.

“After tonight, there won’t be a Martial Saint of Zenit.” Krasic looked at the dark skyline and said. It wasn’t even midnight yet, and the dawn was still some time away.

“Spartax won’t have a Martial Saint either.” Fei thought back to the Martial Saint Battle, and the faces of Huntelaar, Costakarta, and Amauri each flashed by in his head. With a murderous spirit, he pointed at the sky and said forcefully, “Jax, Eindhoven, and Spartax! I will wipe you off the continent one day!”

“Hatred is much easier to acquire compared to responsibility. Alexander, do you still remember what I said to you last time?” Krasic asked.

“I remember, Elder. You said that I’m very similar to Emperor Yassin His Majesty, and you said that you don’t want me to become someone like him as well. You told me to remember that the core and the essence of power is to protect and guard the people and the things that I love……” Fei replied.

Krasic nodded and continued, “I don’t want to change your mind. I don’t mind if you want to avenge for me, but I hope you won’t avenge for me if you found out about another truth.”

“Another truth?”

Krasic nodded.

Fei gave it some thought and felt like he understood something. He seemed to have grasped onto something and realized something.

“If Zenit is really going to collapse, I hope you can shield the citizens of the empire and help them to avoid the blades of the enemies……” Krasic suddenly thought of something and added.

“Who dares to challenge Zenit when Emperor Yassin His Majesty is fine?” Fei thought about the power of the [Dragon Fist] today and felt like the Zenit Empire would never be in trouble with an emperor like that.

“Do you have a grudge against Yassin? Are you thinking that he could instantly kill people like Lkunta so I don’t have to die?” Krasic seemed to have understood the deeper meaning behind Fei’s words and explained, “That was because he has enough reasons to not to do so.”

Fei was silent after hearing that.

“Ah, Tanasha…… Although she is a talented kid, she is so ill and she is a girl. Too bad that only she can inherit his heritage…… Too bad……” Krasic suddenly thought of something else and sighed again.

“The Elder Princess is a good friend of mine. If she needs me, I will protect her with all my ability.” Fei understood what Krasic was trying to say. The Elder Princess was one of the only few friends Fei had in this world, and Fei would definitely help her if she was in need. However, Fei understood the deeper meaning behind Krasic’s words, and he felt even more grateful.

“Ever since I known you, I knew that you would become a bright miracle. Too bad that I couldn’t see it for myself when you dominate the continent……” Krasic looked up at the stars in the sky and said in an unprecedented relaxing tone, “I haven’t enjoyed this scenery with this relaxed mindset for so long. Just look at how beautiful the stars are!”

Before Fei could respond, he looked at Fei and laughed, “From now on, nothing can restraint me, and I don’t owe anybody anything!”

As another wind blew by, Krasic’s thin body quickly deteriorated. His face aged at an insane speed. He quickly turned into an elder who had a lot of wrinkles. Then, his skin lost its glow and dried…… Lastly, his body started to break down into dust and fly away.

Like a sand statue, he was gone a little by little until he disappeared in the cold wind.

The body of the Martial Saint of Zenit spread across the land he protected for 26 years.

His ashes got on the houses, white defense wall, black soil, great mountains, running rivers……. and the entire Zenit Empire!

Fei watched everything quietly. He knew this was the terrifying aftereffect of the [Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique]. Until Krasic’s body completely broke away, Fei suddenly recalled something this elder had said – After tonight, there won’t be a Martial Saint of Zenit.

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    A história está incrível mas eu vejo muita propaganda para tão pouco conteúdo nos capítulos….


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