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Hail the King Chapter 360.1

Chapter 360: Before the Storm (Part One)

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Fei stood on the central sword peak and glanced down at St. Petersburg; the light dots in the city looked like the stars. When these light dots connected with the actual stars in the sky, they created a very beautiful image.

Krasic’s body turned into dust, and the wind helped him to cover the land of Zenit.

The way he ended his life was just as earnest as how he served the people of Zenit. Ever since he was known to the people of Zenit, he had been serving them. Didn’t matter if it was the rebellion incident 26 years ago or how he lived on Martial Saint Mountain quietly for the last 20 years, they all showed how much he loved his country Zenit.

Perhaps everyone knew that the Martial Saint Battle tonight would determine the future of the empire, and every household in St. Petersburg was awake. St. Petersburg was very bright, and even the camp area outside the Capital was lit.

Would these people know that a Martial Saint died for them on the central sword peak?

Fei vaguely heard the cheers coming from the bottom of the mountain, and a smirk that he didn’t even understand appeared on his face. “Are they cheering for Emperor Yassin who just showcased his powerful [Dragon Fist]? Do they even know that a real Martial Saint died at this moment?”

Soon, the king got rid of his negative emotions.

“The three of them were knocked off of the Griffins by the [Dragon Fist], and they are now still in St. Petersburg. They must be still alive as they are Moon-Class Elites, and they are hiding somewhere now…… I will find them! And I will kill each one of them!”

Fei looked down at the four 10-centimeter green spikes in his hands; these were the items that Krasic used to cast [Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique]. After Krasic’s body turned into dust, these four spikes remained.

“I will fu*king push these spikes through the hearts of Huntelaar, Costakarta, and Amauri!…… I will penetrate the hearts of the royals of the Jax Empire, Eindhoven Empire, and Spartax Empire! I will make them pay for what they did!”

Fei looked at the sky and shouted.

“When I master my warrior’s cultivation path, no war nor tragedy shall fall on places where Krasic’s ashes have covered!”


Fei went back to the entrance of the central sword peak, and he completely calmed down; no sadness nor anger could be seen on his face.

Except for the 40 warriors from Martial Saint Mountain, there were still some master warriors from the affiliated kingdoms.

There were 25 master warriors from the affiliated kingdoms who got the opportunity to watch this Martial Saint Battle. However, two of them weren’t able to make it since they couldn’t get through the chain bridges, two of them died in the battle with the warriors from Spartax, and six of them decided to join either Arshavin or Dominguez’s side. Right now, there were only 15 of them left.

Most of them were warriors who made it into the top 10; there were warriors like [Silver Armored Vicious Sword], beautiful Magic Princess Cindy, and [Wind Fire Dual Warriors].

They were all saddened by the fact that the Martial Saint didn’t return with Fei.

They already guessed the result when they saw Krasic stagger and bleed that much. However, they were still very disappointed by the fact that their guesses came true. Perhaps as members of affiliated kingdoms, they could sense the importance of the Martial Saint in first hand; without Krasic on Martial Saint Mountain, many affiliated kingdoms would have started wars against each other.

“Your Majesty!” After seeing Fei’s return, the 40 warriors from Martial Saint Mountain all single-kneeled down and said, “We will follow the order of the Martial Saint, and we will be under your command!”

Fei was a little surprised, but he soon understood the situation.

This was probably something Krasic arranged before the Martial Saint Battle.

This was the reason why Krasic said that there won’t be a Martial Saint of Zenit after tonight. In fact, Martial Saint Mountain would even be deserted from now on; no trace of Krasic would be left!

Among the 40 warriors, the most powerful person was the average-looking young man. Surprisingly, Fei realized that this man’s strength was at the peak of Seven-Star. This man was very young, and he was a much more talented genius compared to [One Sword] and Magic Princess Cindy. All other 39 warriors were between Four-Star and Six-Star; there were four Six-Star Warriors among them.

These warriors combined was a powerful and terrifying force in Zenit.

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  1. SaDDisT

    Ohh baby, instant elite squad, how should we name them? I suggest “Cleaners”.

  2. Leon

    At first six star is rare elite… Now they are everywhere

    • Hannan

      Ofcourse they are elite.
      They are the Martial Saint’s recipes.

    • Hannan

      Ofcourse they are elite.
      They are the Martial Saint’s deciples.

  3. Hannan

    Ofcourse they are elite.
    They are the Martial Saint’s deciples.

  4. Add some Hulk potion and they are stronker and loyal

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