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Hail the King Chapter 360.2

Chapter 360: Before the Storm (Part Two)

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Never in Fei’s dreams would he thought that Krasic would pass such a force into his hands. What would Emperor Yassin and other big families think after they knew that Fei was in control of such a force that could threaten the peace of the empire?

Fei didn’t care. As someone who would lick the popsicle stick more than ten times after eating the popsicle, he would never reject such a generous gift. Since this was arranged by Krasic, Fei didn’t think that there was a trick behind this, and he didn’t doubt the loyalty of these people at all. After all, Krasic was the Martial Saint who resided on Martial Saint Mountain for the last 26 years, and he was definitely able to take care of all the little problems.

Because Fei completely trusted Krasic, he completely trusted these 40 warriors from Martial Saint Mountain.

This incident made all the master warriors who weren’t from Chambord a little scared.

In their minds, the king of Chambord was already powerful enough. In the battle today, King Alexander battled with Costakarta, who was a powerful Moon-Class Elite, for more than ten minutes, and he wasn’t even in a disadvantage. In comparison, masters like Magic Princess Cindy, [One Sword], and Shevchenko couldn’t even help in that situation; the residual energy that leaked out of the battle between Fei and Costakarta would injure them severely!

If some people thought that Fei became the champion in the competition because the semi-final between Shevchenko and [One Sword] was too ferocious and made them lost a lot of strength beforehand, it at least made some sense. But after seeing this battle, only idiots would think that way now. After tonight, even the haughty [One Sword] had to admit that the king of Chambord was too far ahead of them. It would be a joke to say that they could rival with the king of Chambord; they couldn’t even see his back on the path of cultivation since he was so far away.

For a moment, only the master warriors from the other affiliated kingdoms knew how inferior and lonely they felt.

Everyone knew that the king of Chambord was way too powerful now. After he got the 40 warriors from Martial Saint Mountain, he was on the same level as Arshavin and Dominguez; he was only a little bit inferior to Emperor Yassin. From now on, the situation at Zenit could change just because an idea popped up in the king of Chambord’s head.

“Let’s go!”

Fei said after he turned around and took a good look at the relics and the stone pillar that got destroyed. He memorized this scene, and he walked down the path without looking back.


When the golden sun climbed above the Moro Mountains that was quite far away and spread the sunshine across the land, the new day began.

After the cold winter night passed, everyone in the Capital knew what happened on Martial Saint Mountain last night.

No.1 Swordsman Huntelaar from the Jax Empire sneak-attacked Martial Saint Krasic!

No.1 General Costakarta from the Eindhoven Empire lost his honor and participated in the dirty trap designed to kill Martial Saint Krasic!

A Moon-Class Elite from the Spartax Empire sneaked into Zenit and tried to assassinate Martial Saint Krasic!

The king of Chambord battled with a Moon-Class Elite!

Martial Saint Krasic battle against the four Moon-Class Elites…… Martial Saint Krasic killed Martial Saint Lkunta, and he defeated Huntelaar, Costakarta, and Amauri afterward…… Martial Saint Krasic was severely injured as well and passed away!

Emperor Yassin was infuriated and used [Dragon Fist] in the Royal Palace. He knocked the three Moon-Class Elites who wanted to escape off their Griffins!

All kinds of news spread around the Capital and completely recreated the storyline.

Originally, Fei thought that the Martial Saint Battle involved confidential information and the officials would try to cover it up. To his surprise, the news got around really fast! Although everyone was curious and paid a lot of attention to this battle, Fei was sure that the officials at Zenit helped with the spreading of the information.

“Why would the officials want to disclose such matter to the public? There is a lot of confidential information tied to this……” Fei thought.

The current situation for Zenit was bad. In the southern regions of Zenit, [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin was still battling with the invaders. After a few successful battles and just as Arshavin was about to push all the invaders out of Zenit’s territory, the Spartax Empire sent out their best general – Marchisio. This man stopped the losing streaks of Spartax and gradually evened out the record.

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