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Hail the King Chapter 361.1

Chapter 361: Declare of Wars (Part One)

Publicizing what happened on Martial Saint Mountain was equal to declaring wars against the Jax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire.

As soon as Huntelaar and Costakarta decided to assassinate Martial Saint Krasic, it meant that two more wars were here. Even if Zenit knew that declaring two more wars could bring destruction, the empire had to do so!

This was the iron law of the Azeroth Continent. By sneak-attacking your Martial Saint, it meant that those two empires had already declared war against you!

If Zenit decided to hold back, the empire would be a laughingstock in the eyes of the entire continent!

Fei thought that the Elder Princess was really intelligent and she would definitely try to keep this incident from the public temporarily. It seemed like the best idea was to finish the war with the Spartax Empire in the south first before declaring wars against the Jax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire. After all, it was way too hard for Zenit to battle against three empires at the same time…… No one expected that things would escalate to this degree!

“Is the era of chaos here?”

“What are the officials of Zenit thinking about?”

Fei felt like he no longer understood the situation.

However, his guesses came true.

After less than one hour, the strangely quiet yet anxious atmosphere in St. Petersburg was disrupted.

Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop!

The siren on the gates of St. Petersburg sounded, and several messengers rushed out of the Capital with the protection of two dozen black-armored cavaliers. These messengers were heading to all the regions of Zenit and announcing that Zenit was declaring wars against the Jax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire!

Wars were here!

Emotional warriors of Zenit could be seen everywhere, and even the ordinary citizens of Zenit were excited and a little anxious; the death of Krasic had stimulated their unyielding genes.

When in face of danger, even a weak rabbit dared to fight with a strong lion. Although the Zenit Empire was weak compared to the three empires combined, the people of Zenit didn’t lack the will to fight.

Since Krasic resided on Martial Saint Mountain for the last 26 years, everyone at Zenit felt the benefit he brought. All the respect and love the people of Zenit had towards the Martial Saint of Zenit were converted into anger, and there were a lot of warriors who were wearing black hairbands; that was a way to pay respect to Krasic. These people all circled the military headquarter and wanted the military to directly attack the Capitals of the Eindhoven Empire and the Jax Empire!

Everyone was in a state of frenzied.

Fei saw a type of dangerous and triggered expression on the people’s faces.

It seemed like the entire empire was walking on a dangerous path and was losing control.

This might be planned from the beginning. Fei smelled a sense of craze from what was happening, especially after the large military conscription.

At noon, Fei got summoned by the Royal Family of Zenit.

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St. Petersburg.

Residential Region.

Inside the building that Lkunta from the Spartax Empire stayed in.

Three people were sitting in the main hall that was very messy, and they looked at each other as they appeared very frightened. Who could have thought that they were all powerful warriors from their scared and anxious expressions?

These three warriors were No.1 General of the Eindhoven Empire Costakarta, No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire Huntaleer, and the Moon-Class Elite from the Spartax Empire Amauri.

They thought they would be able to escape from St. Petersburg after they got onto the Griffins, but they were all knocked down from the sky by that person. They were originally severely injured, and falling down from the sky increased the severity even more. If they weren’t aware of their surroundings and weren’t smart individuals, they would have been found by the warriors and soldiers of Zenit.

“Who could have thought that person is still able to strike? Could it be that the news about his old injuries worsening is fake?” Huntelaar was very frightened by the golden dragons he saw last night.

Currently, the No.1 Swordsman from the Jax Empire had a lot of blood on him. His right arm that was broken from the high-fall was already recovered, but all the wounds on his body were still not healed as he couldn’t get rid of the terrifying green energy in his body.

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