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Hail the King Chapter 361.2

Chapter 361: Declare of Wars (Part Two)

“If that man is fine, then the plan we worked on for so many years is useless.” Amauri was also very injured. A huge wound stretched from his shoulder to his abdomen, and blood was still flowing out as the green energy was still visible on the wound. After all, this injury was caused by Heavenly Sword as well.

“It is not that bad.” Costakarta who was silent for a long time suddenly spoke, “If he is fine, we probably would have been killed last night. Who can live under [Dragon Fist] that was cast with full strength? Since he didn’t kill us, it means that he is weak and might die at any second.”

“Right!” Huntelaar’s and Amauri’s eyes lit up after they heard that.

They both were powerful figure and were very intelligent. In normal circumstances, they would have seen through everything. However, that man’s fame was as bright as the sun, and no genius was able to stand up against him. The two of them were terrified of that man, and they were in a state of unease after they saw [Dragon Fist]. That was why they didn’t think everything through.

“We prepared for so many years and spent numerous money and resources. More than 10,000 people from more than 10 empires sacrificed their lives, and we got more than 10,000 messages from them after they sneaked into the Royal Palace of Zenit. After more than 1,000 operations and 10,000 tests, we are sure that he couldn’t live any longer. Right now, he is close to dying! A dragon without its claws and teeth is not scary. This operation failed because we didn’t expect the St. Germain Empire to betray the agreement that we had.” Costakarta collected his thoughts and continued, “To some degree, this operation isn’t a complete failure. Although I’m not sure how Krasic got so powerful, I’m sure that it cost him dearly! He was already severely injured before the battle, and he won’t be able to recover for four to five years even if he didn’t die!”

“That is true.” Confidence reappeared on Huntelaar’s face, “With injuries to that severity, he couldn’t recover in a short time even if the Moon-Class Elite Priests from the Holy Church help him. Since the relationship between Zenit and the Holy Church is this hostile, I’m sure he will get no help. Hahaha! Zenit is like a coyote that lost its claws; it is no longer a threat.”

Amauri nodded as he heard that.

Costakarta lightly let go of his breath.

He said all that because he wanted to calm down Huntelaar and Amauri and alleviate some of their stress. Since they were all stuck at St. Petersburg and lost more than half of their strength, they could be found if they weren’t careful; if that happened, they would lose a layer of their skins even if they didn’t die. At a critical time like this, they needed to be calmer and more patient.

This was the big difference between real generals and powerful warriors.

After some thoughts, Costakarta continued, “However, we need to pay more attention to that young man who used green and red dual swords. He is able to last more than 10 minutes when battling me, and he looks like he is in his twenties! That is shocking! I saw a similar level of talent in him compared to that man! We have to kill him soon, or he would become a huge issue for us in the future!”

“You mean King Alexander?” Amauri nodded and said, “That little king deserves our attention. He had killed the No.1 Executioner of Spartax before, and I tried to assassinate him after seeing his talent. Too bad that he escaped in time and my appearance attracted Krasic!”

Both Amauri and Costakarta fought with Fei before, and they didn’t dare to underestimate the strength of this young king.

However, Huntelaar didn’t think so. This No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire was very haughty, and he sneered and replied with an arrogant expression, “Humph! He is only a small king of an affiliated kingdom. Is he worthy of our attention? I can just kill him after I recover!”

Amauri and Costakarta looked at each other and didn’t say anything else. They knew it was useless trying to convince this swordsman, and arguing would only cause trouble for them since they were in such a dangerous situation.

At this time, some noises sounded inside the building.

The three men tensed up.

“Don’t worry, it is Lanji.” Costakarta listened carefully to the noise, and he was relieved instantly.

Soon, a series of footsteps sounded, and a pretty figure walked into the hall. This young girl was wearing a normal Zenit style female robe, and her long black hair was tied together by a white floral band. Her skin tone was dark, and her muscles made her look explosive yet wildly beautiful.

She was carrying a cheap food box made from tree branches in her arms, and Fei would have immediately recognized her if he was here. This girl was the female guard who was saved from Fei’s blades by Costakarta last night.

“Father.” The young girl saluted Costakarta first, and she then looked at the other two Moon-Class Elites and said, “Two misters, I went and bought some food. You guys can eat first.”

The delicious smell of food instantly filled the hall.

“Are there any good news?” Costakarta asked as he ate and restored his stamina.

“Everything is clear. The officials of Zenit didn’t hide anything, and what happened on Martial Saint Mountain is known publicly. There is a very good news!” The girl paused for a second before she said, “Not long after we left, Martial Saint Krasic died from the severe injuries!”

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  1. SaDDisT

    Yeaeah, they lose a martial saint but because of that a Mad Demon emerge n----s!

    Well if this is real life, its stupid to declare another war on 2 empire with the same level of strength while in war with another, unless there’s a helper.


      You clearly didn’t read. The other 2 empire already declared war on Zenit. Zenit’s response by declaring war is to let its citizen know why they’re dying. The 3 enemy empires put in so many years of effort to exterminate Zenit not conquer it, so there is no room for discussion. Their only options were to fight while the people know what’s happening or to fight while the people don’t know what’s happening.

      • bananaisblue

        It’s do or die situation. 10 empires in collution to destroy Zenit. By announcing the event, it will transform the morale of Zenit people to prepare a full scale Total War. What Zenit should try is to quickly reduce the potential enemies by diplomacy. Try allying with any empire bordering the Coalition empires to pressure the Coalition from the back. It will reduce the number of Coalition armies Zenis will face against.

  2. SRXY

    It’s not planting. That’s the girl who fei tried to kill but then Costakarta saved. She’s like Costa’s best disciple or something. Nothing to do with Fei.

  3. Leon

    Pretty sure they have traitor who made they declare war to fight on three front

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