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Hail the King Chapter 362.1

Chapter 362: Battle Zone No.1 Commander (Part One)

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“He…… died?” Costakarta was so shocked that the roasted rib in his hand almost fell onto the ground.

“How is that possible? Could it be the fake news Zenit created to fool us?” Amauri couldn’t believe it either. The Martial Saint of Zenit defeated them easily last night, and it seemed unlikely that Krasic would die right after that. “How could a dying person manage to use so much force last night?” he thought.

“That information shouldn’t be wrong. I didn’t use our own intelligence network at St. Petersburg. Everyone at the Capital of Zenit knows about it, and they are all emotional. At the same time, the news about Lkunta being killed by Krasic is also being passed around!” Lanji continued as she thought about everything in a calm manner, “Also, Zenit declared wars against the Jax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire!”

It was completely silent in the hall after Lanji finished speaking.

The three Moon-Class Elites were thinking about the possibilities behind each of the news.

“When something is strange, something is typically wrong. How dare Zenit start wars with three empires at the same time? Do they have secret trump cards that we don’t know about? Since Krasic is dead and that man is half-dead, who can protect Zenit?” Amauri murmured as he carefully swallowed the food; he tried his best to not move the muscles around the huge wound on the front of his body.

“Did you forget about the St. Germain Empire?” Costakarta shook his head. As a famous general, he was able to have a clearer view of the bigger picture. “That b-----d Girano dared to attack us on the central sword peak, so it is obvious that Emperor Blank of the St. Germain Empire is behind this. Since the St. Germain already betrayed the agreement between the seven empires, how can we be sure that Zenit doesn’t any other allies?”

“You are right. We can’t be sure that St. Germain is the only empire out of the seven empires who betrayed us. The honor of our agreement is already forgotten by some shameless bastards!” the No.1 Swordsman from the Jax Empire suddenly sneered as he continued to devour the food.

Costakarta and Amauri were frightened by what Huntelaar said, but they both nodded subconsciously.

What Huntelaar said was indeed reasonable. That man they fear was really good at planning, and that man would never engage in a war that he wasn’t prepared for. Even if his heart stopped pumping, he would have set up numerous terrifying traps to destroy his opponents.

It was a nightmare fighting against someone like that.

However, they had to stand against him. If they chose to compromise at a time like this, they would lose their empires, lost their loved ones, and lose their identities.

“The current situation is beyond our control.” After Costakarta finished eating, he was getting ready to use his warrior energy to speed up his healing. “Since what happened last night is now known publicly, I’m sure that all the emperors would make decisions for the group. What we need to do now is to quickly heal up and leave St. Petersburg as soon as we can!”

In this plan that was prepared for more than 10 years, even Moon-Class Elites were only chess pieces in the hands of the emperors.

For a moment, Lkunta’s death made the three Moon-Class Elites very anxious. They were supposed to be masters who were worshipped by numerous warriors, but they were now only sacrifices that would initialize the bloody prologue of the era of chaos. None of them were sure that they could live to see the result of their hard work and dedication.

“Good idea. We need to recover fast and leave right away.” Amauri and Huntelaar looked at each other and agreed to Costakarta’s idea.

A blue crystal-like magic wand was releasing dashes of blue lights in the building, and the auras of the three Moon-Class Elites were completely sealed by it. This God-tier magic wand was the key to their escape plan as it helped them “disappear” in the eyes of the warriors of Zenit by stopping others from sensing them.

The most dangerous place was the safest.

They were now hiding in where Lkunta lived before, and they were sure that no one would expect them to return here after the soldiers of Zenit searched the building.

With the help of Lanji who went back to the female appearance and was able to go out and buy food and gather information, these three Moon-Class Elites had some time to recover. Once they were well enough, they would be able to escape using the tunnels that were prepared ahead of time.


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  1. Pedro

    Their plan of hiding there is so bad, its almost funny. Sadly enough, the fact that no one is even checking that place, is even more stupid…

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