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Hail the King Chapter 362.2

Chapter 362: Battle Zone No.1 Commander (Part Two)

The person who actually called Fei to the Royal Palace was Tanasha, and that surprised Fei a little.

In the first palace at the entrance, Fei saw the [Goddess of Intelligence] Tanasha who was slowly enjoying her breakfast. When she saw Fei, she waved at him and signaled him to come over and eat with her.

Under the surprised glances of the maids and servants, Fei walked to the table and started to enjoy the food without hesitation.

Ever since he returned to Chambord’s campsite, he felt unprecedentedly tired and fatigued.

For the first time ever, he didn’t enter Diablo World to level up when he had gaming time. Rather, he slept with clothes on and his fiancée in his arms until the morning. After that, he patrolled the campsite, and he was summoned to the Royal Palace before he had the chance to eat breakfast. He was actually a little hungry right now.

A smile appeared on Tanasha’s face as her crystal blue eyes locked onto this man who was devouring the food without manners. For some reason, she would always feel relaxed when she was with him; it felt like the heavy burden on her shoulders was temporarily lifted when she was with him.

“If it wasn’t for the purple potion he gave me, I would be dead by now……”

The Elder Princess sighed as she thought about that. Although she was super intelligent in other people’s eyes, she would something wonder about random things as well. “Maybe death is much easier and is a better option……” as Tanasha was thinking about something, she suddenly recalled that her first time seeing Fei was also at a dining table.

“Did you find them?” After he wiped off the milk on his chin, Fei asked Tanasha without even looking up.

Tanasha obviously knew who Fei was referring to. Both Imperial Patrol and Royal Guards had searched the entire Capital including all the magic towers, but they weren’t able to find any traces of the three injured Moon-Class Elites. Like three water droplets that ended up in the ocean, they were nowhere to be found.

However, Tanasha wasn’t anxious. She smiled, “They would be found sooner or later. The Military Headquarter of Zenit had made plans, and another round of “dragnet-style” search is taking place. They could never make it out of St. Petersburg.”

Fei laughed, “I know that you guys won’t find them this easily. Let me take care of it.”

“You can find them?” Tanasha was a little surprised.

“Eh.” Fei wiped his lips clean after eating, and he lied on the chair comfortably. He crossed his arms in front of his chest without worrying about his image and changed the subject, “So what is it that made you summon me this early in the morning?”

Tanasha placed the silverware on the table and stood up. She walked towards one side of the palace as she said, “You know that Zenit had declared wars against the Eindhoven Empire and the Jax Empire as well, right? Therefore, except for the southern battle zone, the Military Headquarter decided to create two more battle zones……”

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Tanasha unveiled the huge square map that 10 meters long on each side by pulling off the big red cloth covering it.

Fei followed her and took a closer look.

This was a map of Zenit and the adjacent empires.

Zenit’s territory is in a rough trapezoid shape. Most of the eastern territory was along the ocean shore as [Shiver Ocean] was located next to Zenit. Spartax was to the south of Zenit, and a smart part of the southern border was connected with Eindhoven. To the west, there was Jax.

Chambord was on the northern end of Zenit. There was a huge area of mountains to the north of Chambord, and they were marked with the color grey; it felt very deserted and desolated.

Fei carefully read this map.

He compared it with the mysterious map he got from the Four-Star Mage Evans, and he realized except for the fact that the mysterious map about the mythical ruins was more ancient, most of the terrains recorded on it was similar to this map. There also weren’t any borderlines on the mysterious map, meaning that it was drawn before these empires were established.

This discovery made Fei believe the authenticity of the mysterious map that was about the mythical ruins even more.

“The Military Headquarter decided to open the second battle zone here and the third battle zone here……” Tanasha circled an area to the southwest and an area to the west with a red magic marker and said to Fei, “The wars are here, and no one can avoid them. In the original plan, [Wolf Teeth Legion] was supposed to head to the southern battle zone. Right now, I can try to get you an opportunity to choose which battle zone you want to go to.” Tanasha smiled as she pointed at the areas that she circled.

“They trust me that much?” Fei sneered as he rubbed his chin. His eyes jumped between the two battle zones circled by the Elder Princess.

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