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Hail the King Chapter 363.1

Chapter 363: Old Story (Part One)

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The Elder Princess was clear. Except for the southern battle zone [Zenit’s God of War], Arshavin, was in, one battle zone near the southwestern border that was connected with the Eindhoven Empire and one battle zone near the western border that was connected with the Jax Empire were being opened. Fei was able to choose one of them and take his [Wolf Teeth Legion] there.

Although No.1 Commander of a battle zone sounded cool, Fei quickly sensed the intent behind the title.

“Does the Military Headquarter of Zenit really want me to battle against a level 2 Empire using only one legion? Aren’t they afraid of me losing and resulting in Zenit being conquered?”

Although Fei was saying that, he was already thinking about which battle zone he should choose. The king was sure that there was no way around it since Tanasha already told him this, and he had to make a decision.

“Emperor Yassin His Majesty and the ministers at the Military Headquarter all have trust in you. The name of [Sky Covering Fist] is already famous throughout the empire, and everyone knows that Chambord has a lot of powerful warriors. With the strong soldiers and top-tier equipment, Chambord is no doubt the No.1 affiliated kingdom in Zenit. This is the perfect opportunity for you to earn military merits and advance the kingdom further……” Tanasha said.

Fei shook his head.

He looked at the huge map on the wall and had numerous thoughts in his head.

He replied, “Chambord still has too little accumulations, and I don’t want my loyal subjects to die for nothing. I’m a generous person, and I can give this perfect opportunity to someone else.”

Tanasha observed Fei carefully, and she smiled and replied, “I’m afraid that is not possible. Haha, you are named No.1 Commander of a battle zone by Emperor Yassin His Majesty, and all seven top generals at the Military Headquarter agreed. No one can change that.” [Goddess of Intelligence] paused for a second and stared into Fei’s eyes. With a vague smile on her face, she continued, “I’m sure that this is something that Your Majesty is hoping for as well.”

“Oh?” Fei laughed, “Why would I want that?”

“Because you want to avenge.” A serious expression appeared on Tanasha’s face and she replied slowly.

“Avenge? For whom?” Fei was still playing dumb.

“That mysterious elder who is a fatherly figure to you.” A bit of sadness flashed in Tanasha’s ocean-like eyes as she said, “You know who I am talking about, right?”

Fei fell into a moment of silence.

After a while, the king looked up and asked earnestly, “So you know everything?”

“Eh, I know. I know everything between you and him.” Tanasha replied earnestly as well.

“How do you know?” Fei was a little curious.

Tanasha suddenly smiled, “Your Majesty, do you think you are the only talented genius who Mr. Martial Saint likes? You are too arrogant if you think that way.”

Fei was a little surprised by the answer, but he then smiled as well.

He knew what was going on.

No wonder Krasic was still thinking about the future of Zenit’s Royal Family and especially Tanasha at the last moment of his life, and no wonder Krasic only left peacefully after he got Fei’s promise. It looked like the Martial Saint of Zenit gave just as much attention and care to Tanasha if not more compared to Fei.

No wonder the name of [Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence] was known around the empire before Fei could make a name for himself.

It was natural when Tanasha was talented herself and she got the support of the Martial Saint. On top of that, her identity and fate were closely tied to the fate of Zenit, and she was born in the spotlight.

Fei felt like it wasn’t strange for Krasic to tell Tanasha about the relationship they had.

“Since you know about all this, can you tell me the truth behind this Martial Saint Battle?” Fei stared at this princess who was intelligent and calm in almost all situations and asked slowly.

Tanasha sighed.

It seemed like she sighed a lot more today compared to before.

“Alexander.” Tanasha addressed Fei differently as she walked to the map and carefully caressed it. With a very quiet and murmur-like voice, she slowly said, “Let me tell you a story.”


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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Now this is the story all about how
    My life got flipped, turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
    I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-air

  2. Deku

    I don’t really want to hear the story. I have a feeling it will take a few chapters 🙁

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