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Hail the King Chapter 364.1

Chapter 364: Genius Diplomat (Part One)

Fei thought back and recalled the 10 masters from the Holy Church who had the privilege of spectating the Martial Saint Battle. They were really cold on the central sword peak, and now it made sense. Paris had warned Fei before and told him not to get involved with the fight between the Holy Church and Zenit; she said that even Moon-Class Elites would be killed easily in it. Fei thought Paris was exaggerating, but now it seemed like a neutral advice.

“What is the real conflict between Zenit and the Holy Church?” Fei shook his head and stop thinking about that.

He could never understand the situation with his current status and power.

“The Holy Church is always dominating and calculative. Even Mr. Matt Razi was tied down by master warriors from the Holy Church, and Emperor Yassin His Majesty could only stop Amauri and others from escaping using Griffins near the end of the battle……” it seemed like Tanasha sensed Fei’s anger and frustration, and she explained what had happened to Fei patiently.

“What about you?” Fei noticed a bit of sadness in Tanasha’s eyes and suddenly asked, “Weren’t you able to turn it around?”

“There is a limit to what I can do. The Jax Empire was not one of the seven empires who entered the agreement, and Huntelaar was supposed to be one of our trump cards. But who knew that he was the person who sneaked attacked and severely injured Uncle Krasic. With Girano and Huntelaar present, I thought Uncle Krasic won’t be in danger on the central sword peak…… I can’t control everything…… In front of real power, strategies and plans are too weak!” Tanasha sighed for the third time.

“So that is why! That ape-like Huntelaar is a traitor!”

Fei understood what happened now.

No wonder Huntelaar was able to successfully sneak attack Kasic; Krasic probably didn’t pay much attention to this No.1 Swordsman from the Jax Empire and didn’t defend against him. Otherwise, Krasic won’t get his vital spot struck by Huntelaar that easily since he was much more powerful than all the four Moon-Class Elites on the enemy’s side. If he paid a little attention to Huntelaar, he won’t get his heart pierced and won’t have to rely on the terrifying forbidden technique [Energy Channel Radical Revival Forbidden Technique] to restore the dignity and honor of the Martial Saint of Zenit.

“So that means you and Krasic both know about Amauri?” Fei asked.

“Eh. That is within our expectations. Many people didn’t know that both Lkunta and Amauri were Martial Saints of Spartax. Lkunta was in the public eyes, and Amauri was hiding in the dark. When Lkunta entered St. Petersburg with the emissary group, Amauri also sneaked in with a bunch of assassins. Their goal was to create chaos, get rid of some of the officials and nobles who posed threats to them, and disrupt the political climate at Zenit; they used both assassination and bribery. Of course, they also wanted to disrupt the competition among the affiliated kingdoms, and you saw what happened.”

The Elder Princess told Fei everything calmly; she didn’t try to hide any information that was deemed confidential.

After hearing everything and getting most of the questions on his mind answered, Fei took out a black token and asked, “I have been curious for a long time. What is this that you gave me when we separated at Hot Spring Gate?”

“That is the Martial Saint Token.”

Tanasha smiled after she saw the item in Fei’s hand, “This token represented the supreme power Uncle Krasic had at Zenit. Except for Emperor Yassin His Majesty, no one in the empire would dare to touch you. With this token, you are technically able to command all the warriors of Zenit who are below the realm of Moon-Class. I thought your direct personality would cause a lot of trouble in the Capital, so I gave the token that was desired by numerous people to you to protect you. However, I didn’t expect you to deal with all the trouble yourself, and I didn’t expect you to attract Uncle Krasic’s attention despite the fact that you didn’t use the Martial Saint Token and to get a rare opportunity to be coached by him.”

“Oh?” Fei played with the black token and laughed, “So this is a rare and precious item, huh? Then I will take it off of your hand and save you the trouble. I might use it in the future!”

Tanasha didn’t know how to respond.

The king of Chambord’s greediness and cheapness would surprise her from time to time.

“Ok, so which battle zone would you choose after all these talks, Alexander?” perhaps it was her first time talking this long standing up, it was too much effort for her body. She had to walk to a chair and sit down as she breathed heavily.

“Yeah, I will go here.” Fei pointed at a location on the map.

Tanasha smiled proudly and said, “I knew you would choose Jax Battle Zone!”

“Of course. Jax Battle Zone is the closest to Chambord; if I lost the battles, I have a place to retreat to. Hehe, on top of that, that is the empire of Huntelaar. The anger of the king of Chambord has to vent off here first!” Fei said slowly as he stared at the level 2 empire on the map like a bloodthirsty beast; he wanted revenge.

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