Chapter 365: Coldness (Part One)

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What Angela did for Fei surprised him a lot.

On top of that, what Tanasha told Fei made him realize that he paid too little attention to Angela recently. They had never had the chance to spend some quality time together as an in-love couple, and they had never had the time to sit down and have a really good conversation. After he thought about that, Fei felt really guilty.

He felt the need to really talk with his pure, beautiful, and graceful fiancée about their future. Although he had machismo traits, he was a man from another world who was very modern; he could never ignore the feeling of others.

After he made up his mind, he looked at the huge territory of Zenit on the wall and focused on the border that was to the west of the empire; he was thinking about the upcoming war.

He wasn’t going to bring all the warriors of Chambord to the battlefront. The era of chaos was here, and bloodiness and craziness would be smelled in the air. Fei had to first make sure that Chambord was safe.

If it wasn’t for Krasic’s death, Fei probably won’t even go to the battlefront.

At this time, the guard outside the palace announced the visit of a soldier from [Iron Blood Legion], and this soldier quickly rushed into the palace and gave a report to Tanasha. Afterward, he bowed and left quickly without even looking at Fei.

“You got information on them?” Fei asked.

“No.” Tanasha read the report and shook her head. After she gave it to a maid beside her, she said, “You need to know that we are looking for three Moon-Class Elites and not some hooligans. They have their own forces to help them hide in St. Petersburg, so I need a bit more time.”

“Time?” Fei curled his lips in displeasure and said, “You know that I need to go and bleed for the empire in three days, right? I don’t want to get the messages after I’m on the battlefront.

Tanasha ignored Fei’s displeasure and smiled, “Depends on the luck. If we are lucky, we might find them in three days.”

“My luck is really good.”

Fei replied and walked out of the palace. He suddenly stopped halfway, turned around, and stared at Tanasha in the eyes. “I prepared a little show. I think Your Highness would be interested in it!” he said.

“Oh?” Tanasha stood up. As if she realized something, she replied, “I would love to attend.”


St. Petersburg.

Residential area.

In a little building.

“The soldiers of Zenit have been increasing the intensity of the searches. This place is no longer safe, and we should change up the place.” Lanji returned again and recommended to the Moon-Class Elites.

The three Moon-Class Elites who were using their warrior energies to heal stopped what they were doing.

After half an hour of healing, they were in much better shapes.

Most of the wounds on Huntelaar’s body healed, and he got rid of 80% of Krasic’s green warrior energy from his body. The huge wound on Amauri’s body also recovered a lot; there was now a dark scar on his body. Lastly, although Costakarta was still wearing the torn armor, most of the injuries he suffered from were healed.

Moon-Class Elites all had insane vitality, and their recovery abilities were much strong as well. As long as their limbs weren’t chopped off and their internal organs weren’t damaged, they would be able to recover from any other kinds of injuries in a few hours.

The reason why the injuries on these three Moon-Class Elites were harder to deal with was that Krasic’s green warrior energy got into their bodies; the green warrior energy made the wounds harder to heal, and that caused a lot of discomfort and pain for them.

“Yeah. I’m sure smart people on the side of Zenit would guess where we are at. We need to change up the hiding spot.” Costakarta nodded and agreed.

“Where?” No. 1 Swordsman from the Jax Empire said coldly as he stared at them, “Are you guys familiar with St. Petersburg? I think we should get the people we have here to arrange our escape!”

“Better not. This is a special time, and we can’t be sure that the people we have here are not monitored by others. Perhaps they are the bait for us right now!” Lanji thought about it and reminded this swordsman with good intentions.

“Humph!” Huntelaar sneered, “You weak, low-life, woman! If you aren’t useful, you aren’t even qualified to talk to me! Get out of my face!”

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