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Hail the King Chapter 366.1

Chapter 366: Mad Fei (Part One)

Tanasha prepared her carriage and followed Fei out of the palace with Ziene by her side.

Although she was really curious, she wasn’t wondering about the purpose of the trip; she was smart and already guessed what Fei was planning. She was curious about the hiding spots of the three Moon-Class Elites and how Fei found them.

In order to make everything secure, she ordered 300 Royal Guards to go with her to make sure that the three Moon-Class Elites won’t escape again.

After a few minutes, Tanasha knew where Fei was taking them by looking at the directions.

The Residential Area!

“Yes! If I’m one of them, I would choose to stay at where Lkunta stayed before…… The most dangerous place is the safest……”

Tanasha sat in her magic carriage and looked at Fei who was walking in front of her. She suddenly felt like this young king was growing too fast! However, she still felt like this was one possible hiding location, and she wondered, “Why does he seem so sure? Where did his confidence come from?”

The Elder Princess was getting more and more curious.

After she realized that they were going to try to capture three Moon-Class Elites, she felt like the manpower they had was too weak as there were only 300 Royal Guards. As she was about to summon a few powerful warriors to come along, she saw 40 people in front of them.

These people were all wearing brown robes and carrying swords on their backs. Powerful warrior energy surged on their bodies, and they all looked solemn and a bit angry.

These were the warriors from Martial Saint Mountain, and they had been waiting here for a while.

After seeing these people, Tanasha knew that the king of Chambord was well prepared for this.

All the forces in St. Petersburg knew that the 40 powerful warriors who were under the command of the Martial Saint were now endowed to the king of Chambord.

The combination of these 40 powerful and angry warriors, the 300 Royal Guards, and Fei who was able to battle against a Moon-Class Elite himself was more than enough to deal with the three injured Moon-Class Elites.

This group of people moved fast, and they soon arrived at the building that Lkunta lived in before.

Fei signaled his warriors to surround the building, and he took out a huge black sword that was more than two meters long and half a meter wide from his storage space; it was Krasic’s Combat Weapon – [Heavenly Sword].

After the building was fully surrounded, Fei no longer hid his aura. He roared and jumped forward like an angry Demon Beast. After he broke the stone gate, he dashed into the building.

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Inside the stone building.

Although he scolded Lanji a minute ago, Huntelaar still agreed with the plan that the “low-life woman” came up with. He knew that it was the best option at the moment from the beginning; he just didn’t like listening to a woman.

This egocentric swordsman looked at Amauri who was silent. After not hearing any objections, he sneered and started to get ready to leave……

At this moment, Costakarta suddenly grabbed onto his blade that was on the ground and stood up. As if he was able to see through the walls, he shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Too late…… He…… He is here!”

“Who is here?” before Amauri could finish the question, he sensed something as his face changed color as well.

Huntelaar, on the other hand, also sensed it.


The building shook violently as the stone walls were torn down; it felt like the building was going to collapse at any second.

As clouds of dust flew into the air, a barbaric and murderous figure appeared with a huge amount of pressure.

“Good afternoon. We met again so soon……”

With Heavenly Sword in his hand, Fei stepped forward as he smiled brightly. However, his glances felt sharp and dangerous in the eyes of the three Moon-Class Elites.

Although Fei was smiling, everyone knew that he was here to kill.

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