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Hail the King Chapter 366.2

Chapter 366: Mad Fei (Part Two)

Suddenly, a lot of explosions sounded.

All of the walls in the building were torn down by force.

In just a few seconds, the building that was enough to accommodate 50 people was destroyed, and five more other properties around this building were destroyed as well. The Royal Guards and the warriors from Martial Saint Mountain coordinated well and turned the area of one square kilometer into flat land by using the most brute method. This way, it was much harder for the three Moon-Class Elites to use the buildings and the terrains to escape.

Costakarta, Amauri, and Huntelaar were like three small islands that were surrounded by a huge ocean.

The noises attracted the attention of Zenit soldiers who were patrolling the area.

Shortly, Imperial Patrol, soldiers from [Iron Blood Legion], and searching teams of other battle legions all surrounded the area as well. On top of that, some civilians also surround the area and tried to see what was going on. People of Zenit were everywhere.

“How did you find us?” although they were surrounded, Costakarta was still able to keep his absolute calm.

At a critical moment like this, only calmness could potentially bring them an opportunity to escape.

Also, since he already tricked his daughter Lanji to leave the building, he was less worrisome. As a general and a soldier, he knew that he would die one day on the battlefield; it was not uncommon for generals to be killed during wars. Costakarta was mentally prepared for this moment even before he joined the military, and the only thing he didn’t expect was that this moment came inside the Capital of his enemy and not on the battlefield.

“All thanks to Mr. Amauri!” Fei smiled as he looked at Amauri, “Thank you for leaving the spiritual seal on me that day. Otherwise, I won’t be able to find you.”

Amauri suddenly understood everything, and his face paled.

After he saw the battle between Fei and the four Executive Knights, he knew that this king was super talented. As a Martial Saint of Spartax, he didn’t want to see another genius like Yassin to cultivate and grow more powerful. As a result, he personally tried to assassinate Fei and left a spiritual seal on Fei.

However, he still failed the mission and got chased and injured by Krasic.

For the last while, Amauri was trying to heal up and prepared for the trap on the central sword peak. Since Fei was able to use the purple scroll from [Rogue Encampment] to block all spiritual detections, Amauri wasn’t able to sense the spiritual seal that he left on Fei and thought another Moon-Class Elite helped Fei to erase it.

Amauri could never imagine the existence of the magical purple scroll in this world – actually, in Diablo World.

After Fei blocked the spiritual detection using the purple scroll, he still worked hard on increasing his spiritual power. As Fei’s strength got stronger, his spiritual power also got stronger. Now, he was able to stay in Diablo World for six hours every day, and he was able to locate where Amauri was under the spiritual empowerment of the purple scroll as he retraced the spiritual seal on him.

This was beyond Amauri’s understanding.

“How can a star-level warrior locate where I am by using my spiritual seal on him?”

“This…… Impossible!! How?” Amauri couldn’t believe it; his way of tracing his opponent backfired and allowed him to be traced.

“Nothing is impossible!”

Fei signaled the warriors from Martial Saint Mountain and the Royal Guards to not move, and he walked forward with Heavenly Sword in his hand. As he got closer and closer to the three Moon-Class Elites, he unleashed more and more of his power; he didn’t hide his murderous intent at all.

Huntelaar looked at Fei for a few seconds and glanced around. After that, he calmed down and sneered, “One Nine-Star Warrior, One Eight-Star Warrior, and a bunch of trash. Do you want to capture me? You guys are here to be killed!”


Fei stabbed Heavenly Sword into the ground and stared at Huntelaar viciously. As his power got to its peak, he said slowly, “One dirty traitor and shameless bug. Do you want to fu*king show-off here? You proud of yourself? I will destroy your damn pride in front of this Heavenly Sword!”

“Hahaha, you? You….. want to avenge for that old dog Krasic? Young man, you are too weak. How dare an ant challenge a dragon?”

Huntelaar laughed as if he heard the funniest joke. “A star-level warrior wants to fight me? When was the last time I heard something this ridiculous?” he thought.


The smile on Fei’s face disappeared as he dashed forward and punched out.

Huntelaar sneered and struck out with his sword.

The cold and murderous light shone on the sword.

However, the No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire was surprised in half-way.

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