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Hail the King Chapter 367.1

Chapter 367: Mad Fei (2) (Part One)

In the next second, Huntelaar’s sword pierced into his opponent’s right chest, and his opponent’s fist also smashed onto his abdomen.

“This young man is crazy! He is trading injury for injury!” this is the first thought that came into Huntelaar’s head.

After that, this No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire was no longer able to think.


It was too painful!

Never in his life did he think that the fist of a star-level warrior could bring so much pain and damage to his body. He felt like this level of pain shouldn’t exist in this world! As if it was a curse from hell that was able to suck away all of his strength, he wasn’t even able to move his finger at this moment as the pain caused his nervous system to enter an overload.


The huge force from Fei’s fist immediately torn the scars on Huntelaar’s body, and all the old wounds that were half-healed all opened; blood spurted out of the numerous small wounds like fountains.

Although it seemed like his ape-like huge body could never bend, it bent subconsciously like a boiled shrimp and twitched violently at this moment.

Then, tear rushed out of his eyes as well uncontrollably.

The sour stomach juice mixed with the blood in his throat as they were puked up.

These were all automatic reactions of a human body after the abdomen was struck forcefully.

One Punch!

There was only one punch!

However, the physical strength of a level 84 Barbarian was huge.

Although Huntelaar was a Moon-Class Elite who was stronger than most warriors, he still couldn’t defend against this punch.

His body bent, and he kneeled on the ground as he covered his stomach in pain; the scene looked no different to a normal street fight.

The No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire temporarily lost all of his combat abilities.

On the other hand, his sword pierced through Fei’s right chest.

The blade was still stuck in Fei’s body, and blood flowed out of the wound slowly and stained his blue robe.

“Who the fu*k is the ant? Who the fu*k is the dragon?”

As if he couldn’t sense any pain, Fei grabbed onto Huntelaar’s hair like a madman and dragged this Moon-Class Elite to the Combat Weapon Heavenly Sword as if he was dragging a sandbag. He sneered, “Too bad that my heart is to the left of my chest and not the right. You dumb idiot! Fu*king No.1 Swordsman, fu*king Moon-Class Elite. Like everyone else, you would puke if you drink too much and you would feel pain after getting hit! Hey, act haughty again! Act superior again! Huh? Fu*k you!!” Fei shouted.

Pia! Pia! Pia! Pia!

Fei immediately slapped Huntelaar on the face four times without holding back his physical strength, and Huntelaar’s face swelled, and a few of his teeth flew out.

The head of the No.1 Swordsman of the Jax Empire soon looked like a pig head, and his mouth was so swollen that even his light breaths sounded loud.

Fei wasn’t satisfied with taking down the opponent with one strike.

He felt like something exploded inside of him and he was burning.

He threw all that temperament of a king and aura of a noble to aside.

Fei needed to vent his anger!

He needed to vent his anger using the most brute, wildest, and most direct way!!

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